Piston leak detection in an axial piston pump using pressure and vibration signals


Axial piston pump is considered as a critical component used in many hydraulic systems.
However, the apparition of unexpected faults implies the development of effective diagnostic tools in order to improve its reliability and safety.

Axial piston pump is designed to work under high pressure, which makes it more vulnerable to develop unwanted internal leakages. There are three main internal leakages: leakage between the barrel and the valve plate, leakage between the slipper and the swash plate and finally leakage between the piston and the barrel. The last one is the focus of this study.

Leakage detection in axial piston pump is mostly based on pressure and flow rate signals.
In this paper, we choose to use vibration signals because it’s easier to acquire and compare them with pressure signals. A Simulink model of the pump is implemented in order to simulate output pressure signals and compare them with experimental output pressure signals. Experimental tests were carried out on an axial piston pump for the healthy case and several faulty cases. Temporal, spectral and cepstral analysis are done to identify the health status of the pump.