Efficiency experimental investigation and vibration analysis of the spur gears with laser texturing and tungsten carbide coatings


In this study, a test methodology was developed for the measurement of spur gear efficiency. Experiments were conducted using 35 gear pairs. Two kinds Tungsten carbide coatings are applied on the carburized and nitride gears. Moreover, some gears were provided with laser texturing. The effect of the different gear coatings on the vibration level is also investigated experimentally. A power-circulating test machine is used to apply torque and rotational motion on the spur gears. The power produced by the driver electromotor; the main part of this power absorb by the driven electromotor which act as a generator. The efficiency of the sampled spur gears measured experimentally by a pair of torque meters. Moreover, the current of the driver and driven electomotors are measured. Torque meters measured the applied torque by means of accurate strain gauges. Results show that the efficiency values which obtained by electrical method has a suitable consistency with the efficiency values obtained from mechanical torque meters. Although, the power measured electrically, consists the power loss of the driver and driven electromotors i.e. the measured electrical efficiency is less than the mechanical efficiency, nonetheless, the trend for the both measurements are analogous.