Fault diagnosis of planetary gear drive system based on sparse decomposition optimised by generalised matching pursuit algorithm


Because of the complex structure and bad working environment, the vibration signal of the planetary gear transmission system has strong noise. In mechanical fault diagnosis, the feature extraction of weak signal with strong noise is always a difficult problem. The sparse decomposition algorithm proposed in recent years can solve this problem to some extent. However, in the process of sparse decomposition, a large number of inner product calculations have been involved, which have the disadvantages of large computation and low efficiency. In this paper, the generalized orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm is applied to optimize the computation process of matching pursuit algorithm in order to reduce the amount of computation in operation process and improve the real-time performance in the process of fault diagnosis. It is proved that the generalized orthogonal matching tracking method can solve the shortcoming of large computation to a certain extent, and will not affect the reconstruction precision of the fault signal.