A corrosion pitting detector based on dynamic time warping analysis for planetary gearbox


The planetary gearbox usually serves the transmission system with the characteristics of heavy carrying capacity and smooth transmission and so on. Corrosion pitting is one of the common faults in the planetary gearbox, which affects the stability of the transmission system. It is of great significance to carry out the corrosion pitting diagnosis and condition monitoring for planetary gearbox. A challenging task for corrosion pitting diagnosis of planetary gearbox is how to extract the fault signal from the submerged vibration signal. A novel corrosion pitting fault detector in the time domain based on the dynamic time warping (DTW) is proposed in this paper. The DTW algorithm can match the same phases of rotating vibration signals well in the time domain, and reduce the nonlinear influence caused by the changing of input rotating speeds and operating loads. The kurtosis of extracted signals in the time domain can present the features of corrosion pitting. The processed results of the simulation signals and the sun gear corrosion pitting experimental data show that the corrosion pitting detector based on DTW can be used to extract the corrosion pitting fault features effectively for planetary gearbox condition monitoring and fault detection.