Keynote speakers and structured session organisers

Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 September 2018
East Midlands Conference Centre and Orchard Hotel, Nottingham, UK  

Invited Overview Presentations

Professor F Chu
Vibration signal analysis methods for planetary gearbox fault diagnostics
Professor R Randall
Use and misuse of signal processing tools for machine condition monitoring
G Shen
Investigation of acoustic emission characteristics of rolling bearings on passenger ropeways

Keynote Speakers
Professor D Arifianto Instantaneous frequency and condition monitoring 
Professor A D Ball
Recent advances in the monitoring of gear wear
G Conaghan and D Haines
Every passenger, every bag, every time with condition-based maintenance
Professor G Dalpiaz
Vibration processing techniques for the monitoring and diagnosis of planetary gearboxes
Professor D Galar
Hybrid models for diagnosis and prognosis: a digital twin approach
Dr T Holroyd A journey from NDT to CM
Professor K Horoshenkov
Acoustic sensing for buried pipe infrastructure

Structured Session Organisers
S N Boichenko
Real-time health monitoring of machinery 
T Bradshaw
Acoustic emission
Professor F Chu
Infrared thermography 
Professor L Gelman
Condition monitoring of local damage
S Greenfield
Oil and debris monitoring
Dr F Gu Diagnostics based on tribo-vibroacoustic analysis 
Professor A Hope
Electrical condition monitoring

Vibration analysis, diagnostics and prognostics – industrial case studies
Dr E Juuso and
K Karioja
Advanced CM and diagnostics for smart systems
Dr R Klein
Advanced methodologies for diagnostics of rotating machinery 
Professor L Kuravsky
Trained structures and statistical methods in CM
Dr N Martin
Signal processing: Fault diagnosis for complex system monitoring
Professor S Noroozi
T Nowell
OCM lubrication and wear debris analysis
Professor F Pellicano,
Dr M Barbieri and
Dr A Zippo
New technologies for gearbox monitoring, testing and modeling
Professor R Smid
Signal processing and ICT for CM

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