[102] How to reveal the influence of human factors

L S Kuravsky and G A Yuryev

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Computer Science Faculty, 29 Sretenka Street, Moscow 127051, Russia. Email: l.s.kuravsky@gmail.com

Estimating the influence of human factors on the activity of operators of complex technical systems is an important problem for condition monitoring personnel training and diagnostics. Presented are both an overview and mutual comparisons of the approaches that are useful in revealing the effect of human factors and have already demonstrated their performance capability in practical applications. Under consideration are: structural equation modelling; Bayesian estimations for probabilistic models represented by Markov random processes; multivariate statistical techniques, including discriminant and cluster analysis; and wavelet transforms. 

Keywords: operators of complex technical systems, human factors, сondition monitoring, factor analysis, structural equation modelling, Markov random processes, wavelet transform, multivariate statistical techniques, principal component analysis, multi-dimensional scaling, cluster analysis.