[112] Process monitoring and verification of the shot peening process using pressure sensor and high-speed camera

A Aramcharoen, K Ahluwalia and A Teo

Agency for Science Technology and Research, 1 Fusionopolis Way, #20-10 Connexis, Singapore 138668, Singapore
. Tel: 65 9085 1770  

Shot peening is a surface enhancement technique that is extensively used in various industries to increase the fatigue life of components. This process relies heavily on post-processing quantification methods such as Almen strip methodology. With recent developments in Industry 4.0 that involve digitalisation in manufacturing processes, there has been a renewed interest in smart sensors and monitoring for shot peening to prevent this process from being replaced by more advanced surface enhancement processes.
This paper evaluates the pressure drop across a typical shot peening nozzle using pressure sensors and correlation to the velocity of peening shots obtained under different operating conditions. This information from the pressure sensor and high-speed camera will then be used to analyse the presence of any correlation involving process output (Almen intensity), process inputs (pressure and mass flow rate) and sensor response signals. The main motivation for performing this is to achieve real-time monitoring of the shot peening process and obtain a direct correlation between sensor signal and Almen intensity.