[120] A virtual adaptive simulator as a skill formation tool for the operators of complex technical systems

S I Popkov
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Computer Science Faculty, 29 Sretenka Street, Moscow 127051, Russia. 
Email: rslw25@gmail.com 

The presented work describes the software implementation and the model behind a virtual adaptive simulator. This simulator can be used to monitor or adjust the level of competence for the operators of complex technical systems. Such a simulator is represented as a cross-platform set of interconnected libraries and applications, providing three basic essential parts: the area simulator, the prediction module and the training environment. The interaction with the simulator provides the means for the formation and measurement of operator skill based on the subsystem of levels, calculated and corrected via automatic and interactive modelling of the simulated scenarios with tools included, allowing the results to be edited manually to satisfy specific conditions.
Keywords: operators of complex technical systems, adaptive simulator, training, skill formation tool.