[125] Vibration monitoring of rotating machine components

J Liska, J Jakl, S Kunkel, V Vasicek, K Kalista and M Kas

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, NTIS – European Centre of Excellence, Technicka 8, Plzeň 30100, Czech Republic
. Tel: 420 377 632 521; Fax: 420 377 632 502; Email: jinliska@kky.zcu.cz 

Vibration monitoring is one of the traditional and classic methods of machine condition determination. It is applied not only to the monitoring of stationary structures, but has found its place even when detecting the condition of rotating parts. This paper attempts to describe some of the key components of rotating machines, their defects and the actual development of methods for the detection and specification of their failures. Current knowledge and capabilities of sensing and computing technology allow for the early and accurate detection of a number of failure types. In several cases, component monitoring has recently been carried out in the form of automated procedures that are deployed for long-term turbine monitoring and are introduced into the machine control system. Components such as the rotor, rotating blades and rotor seals are the key components covered by this paper. The compiled survey includes rotor/stator contact identification methods, indirect monitoring of the vibration of rotating blades and the subsequent influence on rotor vibration. Last but not least, an approach to identifying the properties of rotor seals, which significantly contribute to the formation of the dynamic behaviour of the rotor system as a whole, is discussed.