[133] Modelling in-cylinder pressures for accurate simulations of instantaneous angular speed responses to combustion faults in an IC engine powertrain

Y Xu1, J Fei2, Y Yun3, J Wang2, F Gu1 and A D Ball1
1Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering, University of Huddersfield, UK

2College of Power and Energy Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, China

3College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Qingdao Agricultural University, China  

Internal combustion (IC) engine-based powertrains are common transmissions used in many important industries such as rail, standby power supplies and marine propulsion. Conventional vibration-based monitoring often needs a considerable number of sensors due to the large layout of the system, which is of high cost and difficult to operate. Aimed at developing a cost-effective system, this study focuses on investigating accurate modelling of in-cylinder pressures for efficient simulation studies of instantaneous angular speed (IAS) responses under different fault cases in an IC engine-based powertrain. The accuracy and computational efficiency in constructing in-cylinder pressure are compared using polynomial modelling, the Fourier series, Gaussian modelling and linear interpolation. The studies show that the Fourier series is more efficient and more accurate. Moreover, these simulated results provide the fundamentals for optimising the in-cylinder pressure prediction in solving an IAS-based embedded system for monitoring IC engine-based powertrains.
Keywords: in-cylinder pressure, modelling, IAS, powertrain rotor system, fault detection.