[136] Rotor dynamics in a pump system with magnetoelectrical, fluid and mechanical effects using ANSYS

W Tang1,2, F Gu2, H Mao1, A D Ball2 and A Daraz2
1School of Mechanical Engineering, Guangxi University, China
Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering, University of Huddersfield, UK. 
Email: w.tang@hud.ac.uk / f.gu@hud.ac.uk 

Centrifugal pump blades are the core parts of a pump system, in which premature damage is prone to occur due to extreme operating conditions. Many researchers have studied the effect of fluid-mechanical coupling on the natural frequency of the blade for the purpose of early fault diagnostics. However, in practice, the blade is not only affected by the coupling of the fluid, but also by the electromagnetic force of the driving motor. In this work, fluid-mechanical-magnetoelectrical coupling analysis of the blades in a centrifugal pump system was carried out using ANSYS. Through the finite element analysis in ANSYS, the frequency of blades under fluid-mechanical coupling and fluid-mechanical-magnetoelectrical coupling was obtained. The relationship between the pressure and the modal frequency of the impeller was obtained with magnetoelectrical, fluid and mechanical interactions taken into account. And an experiment was carried out to verify the correctness of the simulation.
Keywords: centrifugal pump blade, fluid-mechanical-electric coupling, natural frequency, ANSYS model.