[205] Data mining for real-time vibration analysis and machinery diagnostics

S N Boychenko and A V Kostyukov

DYNAMICS Scientific Production Center, Omsk 644043, Russia. 
Tel: 7 381 225 42 44; Fax: 7 381 225 43 72; Email: post@dynamics.ru 

The most efficient way to ensure safe resource-saving operation of production facilities today is implementation of artificial intelligence (AI)-based monitoring systems. Among various types of such systems, the most widely spread one is a knowledge-based system. In this case, machinery condition is determined by a computer using a set of known rules and algorithms (knowledge).
But how can we create these knowledge bases and algorithms required for the system’s work? This paper dwells upon the structure of a machinery diagnostic system based on decision rules and the structure of a computer knowledge-generating system utilising big data and data mining technologies.