[208] Solving the problems of analysing the reliability of high-power steam turbine units in monitoring and diagnostic systems

A I Kumenko1, S V Medvedev2 and S N Boychenko3
1MРEI National Research University, Russia
2Engineer of the MРEI National Research University, Russia

3DYNAMICS Scientific Production Center, Omsk 644043, Russia.
Tel: 7 381 225 42 44; Fax: 7 381 225 43 72; Email: post@dynamics.ru  

The tasks that need to be consistently solved in the design and development of high-power turbine units with nozzle steam distribution are considered. In contrast to previous approaches, a more complex interaction between subsystems is considered and powerful static hydrodynamic and aerodynamic forces are taken into account, which are non-linearly dependent on steam consumption (current electrical load on the turbine unit). Using the example of a powerful turbo unit, it is shown how static loads change depending on steam consumption in high-pressure hoses. To solve the problems, modern digital technologies and mathematical methods are used. In addition, this approach can provide an examination of dynamic characteristics of any rotary equipment supplied to thermal and nuclear power plants.
*This work was partially carried out with the financial support of the Russian Science Foundation, Agreement No 15-19-00267, dated 19 May 2015.