[218] The evolution of maintenance management optimisation within a modern shipping fleet with multiple vessel managers, both in-house and external

D C Shorten

Optimain Limited, Frome, Somerset BA11 3AR, UK
. Tel: 44 (0)7866 266515; Email: dcs@optimain.co.uk 

The paper describes a process of evaluation pertinent to a typical shipping company where a single policy for maintenance management strategy is required to be applied to the technical management of a large extended fleet. As it is normal for the technical management to be provided using internal and multiple external commercial providers, a single policy for all is preferred as a means of quality assurance. The paper will detail a process to identify the key required outcomes and the stages used to establish a meaningful global maintenance management strategy that will be applied to all vessels and is aligned to context. It will then also detail a methodology where the technical management stakeholders can participate in the evolution of a company-relevant maintenance management culture, which will create both a highly reactive and a proactive intelligence lead organisation. The resulting organisation will dedicate more time to targeting the elimination of failures, an investment in resources, as opposed to the management of breakdowns, a costly use of resource. The paper is intended to provide a useful process that is applicable across many other industries where the aspiring company may believe that it does not have the resources or is too risk averse to step away from normal day-to-day operational behaviours, as would be required to deliver a significant and yet highly beneficial maintenance culture change.