[232] Dynamic response of a metallic beam-shaped structure with different BCs in the presence of a crack: a review

A Francese and M A Khan
School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK
. Email: a.francese@cranfield.ac.uk  

This paper contains a comprehensive literature review on academic research related to the influence of the presence of a material discontinuity (crack, defect) in a beam-shaped structure of constant section and isotropic properties in measured vibration response. The methods are categorised according to the following criteria: first, analytical and numerical versus experimental approach, Euler-Bernoulli beam model versus Timoshenko beam model, model-based versus non-model based, detection of damage versus location of damage, linear versus non-linear methods and number of required measured data.
This extensive literature review on the damage detection investigation helps to highlight the relevant research gaps to be tackled for a better understanding of the relationship between the propagation of a discontinuity in an isotropic material and the modification of its dynamic response.