[308] Application of IMUs in monitoring the positional accuracy during the micro stepping processes

K Abuowda and N Siamak

Bournemouth University, UK
. Email: kabuowda@bournemouth.ac.uk 

This paper presents a performance investigation concerning the novel Mechatronics Electro-hydraulic Driving System, Micro-Independent Metering. The main idea of independent metering is separated control of the hydraulic actuator ports, which are the meter-in and the meter-out. The IM technique configuration relies upon different types of valve, especially poppet valves. As these valves have stability limitations, a novel stepped rotary valve was developed to configure a novel IM form. This form is termed ‘micro-independent metering’ due to the activation technique of the valve. A novel algorithm was developed to control this new configuration. Many tests have been performed on the system. One of these tests is the hardware-in-the-loop test which includes giving commands to the hardware part of the system and monitoring its performance. An internal measurement unit (IMU) is used to measure the rotation of the stepped rotary valve. Using this monitoring technique, IMU feedback, the system performance is shown to be in accordance with expectations.