Keynote speakers and structured session organisers

Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 June 2019
The Principal Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow, UK 

Plenary speakers
Professor L Cheng Non-linear guided waves for the monitoring of incipient structural damage and material degradation 
Dr J Lacaille A novel automatic indexation process for identification of anomalous behaviours of turbofan engines 
Professor D Mikielewicz Condition monitoring in present and perspective domestic heat and power generation systems
W Ross An integrated approach to marine condition-based monitoring 
Professor T Sakagami Development of NDE techniques for the maintenance of long-span steel bridges based on infrared measurement
Professor A StarrGearing up for machine health 
M Türkaslan Wider use of sensing capabilities in safety analysis to minimise dormant failures 

Keynote speakers – To be announced

Structured session organisers

S Boychenko Real-time health monitoring of machinery 
Dr S GaneriwalaTo be confirmed
Professor L Gelman CM of local damage 
S Greenfield Oil and debris monitoring 
F Gu Modelling and identification of blade-based rotor systems for CM 
Professor A Hope Vibration analysis, diagnostics and prognostics – case studies from all industries 
Dr E JuusoAdvanced CM and diagnostics for smart systems
Professor L KuravskyTrained structures and statistical methods in CM
Professor M G Lipsett Robotic methods for machinery and process diagnostics 
Dr J Liska CM of components in rotating machines 
Dr M Papaelias CM for challenging environments 
Professor F Pellicano Modelling and testing of gearboxes 
D Shorten Marine monitoring 
G Walker CM by electrical analysis 
Professor L WangBearing monitoring

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