Baugh & Weedon

Stand D3/D5/D9/D11 

As Materials Testing 2015 approaches, Baugh & Weedon is excited to be able to introduce a diverse number of new products during the exhibition. These include its new range of UT transducers, the MagnaCheck field strength meter, the PBU portable MPI bench and the MitCorp RVI equipment.

Baugh & Weedon is delighted to be able to offer twin zero degree and single-angle beam probes. All of the transducers available are designed and manufactured in-house by a team with a collated experience of nearly 70 years, guaranteeing the highest possible quality, timely deliveries and competitive prices.

The MagnaCheck, with its three-axis probe, offers the market a modern alternative to the traditional field strength meter. It has the advantages of a reduced set-up time, as there is no need to align probe to field, repeatable measurement with fewer errors and a more reliable assessment of maximum field strength.

The PBU portable MPI bench unit has been launched for a few months now, but Materials Testing is the largest exhibition it will have been displayed at to date. Modern in design and technology, it is a great addition to complete the Baugh & Weedon MPI bench. With many advantages and additional features, including the option of a manual 90° coil rotation feature, the PBU is worth a visit during the Materials Testing exhibition.

The MitCorp remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment offers the operator a cost-effective solution to their application needs while still maintaining excellent image and technology quality. One of the key features of the MitCorp X1000 RVI kit is the ‘particle clear’ feature, which removes dust particles from the probe mirror with just the press of a button. Seeing really is believing with this one!