Dantec Dynamics Ltd

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Established in 1992, Dantec Dynamics Ltd supplies a wide range of scientific measurement, clinical electromedical and industrial process monitoring equipment. The company develops and supplies integrated system solutions built to deliver the highest standards for research and diagnostics into fluid dynamics, micro fluidics, spray analysis, particle sizing, combustion technology and LIF whole-field concentration and temperature analysis.

Dantec Dynamics’ other activity areas include instruments for indoor climate testing, paper process optimisation and clinical electromedical equipment for the health sector.

Dantec Dynamics’ systems are used to obtain measurement data for physical properties in gases, liquids and solid materials. Quantitative measurement data include velocity, turbulence, particle size, concentration, temperature combustion species, strain/stress and vibration.

Clinical electromedical equipment includes neurophysiological equipment for EMG, EP, EEG, sleep and magnetic stimulation. Urodynamic equipment extends from analytical uroflow meters to advanced urodynamic investigation systems. Intelligent computerised ECT equipment and programmable rapid pulse magnetic stimulators offer better solutions in psychiatric medicine.

Medical test equipment, patient simulators, examination couches, calibration and maintenance contracts, consumables, electrodes and many other products add up to a full programme in healthcare support.