Stand E11 

Founded in 1978 by engineers from the watchmaking industry, Statice specialises in specific NDT solutions in eddy current technology and provides its customers with expertise in NDT and micro techniques for all the steps of their project: from feasibility to serial production.

Statice will be using Materials Testing 2015 to market its range of expertise in R&D and the production of customised NDT solutions, especially in eddy current technology.

Start-ups, SMEs or big groups can all benefit from Statice’s creativity and solid experience – customers bring the product’s concept, Statice brings the expertise.

Currently, five engineers and technicians are working on the development of specific eddy current sensors and specific applications for eddy current and ultrasound sensors. Production specialises in small- and medium-sized series.

Statice is very well known in France for its expertise in micro techniques for innovative solutions. One initial expertise focuses on high-precision micro-coiling.

Thanks to its French label ‘SRC’ (contractual research company), Statice works regularly in European research projects as an industrial partner. The company is well known in France and Europe for its capability to be innovative.

Certified to ISO 9001, Statice provides the following services:
  • Development and production of eddy current sensors.
  • Cables for nuclear inspections.
  • Technology of flexible films and sensors.
  • Reference blocks for eddy current and ultrasound technologies.