Eddyfi Technologies

Stand E21/E23 

Eddyfi Technologies is a label designed to maximise the potential of multiple advanced and niche NDT inspection technology brands. With its three centres of excellence in Québec (Canada), Swansea (UK) and Milton Keynes (UK), Eddyfi Technologies focuses on offering high-performance NDT solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets through three strong, complementary brands: Eddyfi, Silverwing and TSC.

The Eddyfi brand is focused on high-performance advanced eddy current and electromagnetic solutions for the inspection of critical assets. Eddyfi products are not only said to be the industry’s best performing and most reliable test instruments and acquisition/analysis software, but also the best standard and specialised surface and tubing probes.

The Silverwing brand is focused on advanced solutions for the inspection of tanks, pipes, vessels, and other critical assets within the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Silverwing products are world-leading magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic solutions, coupled with advanced analysis/reporting software supporting effective and safe operation.

The TSC brand is focused on ACFM® electromagnetic inspection solutions. The field-proven ACFM technology was developed with support from BP, BG Group, Conoco and Shell, keen to significantly improve the reliability of underwater inspections, reduce operator dependence and provide auditable inspection records. ACFM is accepted as one of the most reliable methods of detecting surface-breaking cracks in steel structures and metallic components.

Eddyfi Technologies has more than 235 employees, nine offices around the globe all staffed with NDT experts and serves customers in more than 70 countries in major industries such as nuclear, power generation, subsea, oil & gas and aerospace.