Established in 1946, TWI Ltd will be using Materials Testing 2017 to market its range of e-learning services for students to acquire the essential knowledge required for certification in non-destructive testing, TWI’s full matrix capture (FMC) ultrasonic inspection system, NDT services and training courses.

A highlight of the display will be demonstrations of the following two products:

TWI’s dedicated online learning portal enables candidates to easily and conveniently access learning from TWI. The portal gives candidates access to learning resources. You can study anywhere with an internet connection, at any time and at a pace that suits you. It also makes learning straightforward and enjoyable, with a modern interface, crisp design and intuitive navigation. It features animations and videos showing hands‐on demonstrations.

TWI CrystalTM
TWI CrystalTM is a full matrix capture ultrasonic data acquisition, imaging and post-processing application that allows for quick and efficient inspection suitable for a wide variety of industrial scenarios. Built upon a robust scalable architecture and years of research and industrial experience, TWI Crystal builds customer feedback to provide a powerful inspection tool that can scale to your specific business needs.

While FMC is a relatively new technique, TWI CrystalTM offers many advanced features that NDT users have come to expect, including a full calibration procedure and a comprehensive set of reporting tools. It is a complete software solution allowing for real‐time inspection on powerful desktop machines or offline analysis and post‐processing on low-power laptops.
Featuring a rich user experience, TWI CrystalTM is adaptable to run on a number of ultrasonic hardware systems supporting both Microsoft Windows and Linux environments.

Cambridge-based TWI also offers/specialises in failure investigation services, NDT technologies, training and certification.