Stand D18 

WesDyne will be using Materials Testing 2017 to market its range of NDT products and services. These include conventional and phased array ultrasonic hardware and software, automated eddy current hardware and software, custom inspection systems, tailor-made UT and ET probes and a wide range of standard in-service inspection and custom inspection services.

A highlight of the display will be WesDyne’s NDE Products Group high-temperature automated scanning system. The IntraSpectTM Mercury advanced ultrasonic inspection system in conjunction with the IntraSpectTM 5080e high-temperature dual-axis scanner enables users/operators to inspect in-service components without shutting systems down. The 5080e scanner can be used for long periods of time at temperatures starting at 225°C (437°F) and duty cycled at 320°C (608°F). Typical use for this system is at refineries where there is a need for inspections on components such as piping and vessels while in service.

WesDyne also offers other products and services at its other locations. They include:

WesDyne Waltz Mill, PA USA office: Nuclear in-service inspection of reactors, reactor vessel heads and balance of plant, non-nuclear inspections of piping, vessels and turbine generators

WesDyne NDE Products Windsor, CT USA office: Standard and custom equipment and solutions using ultrasonic and eddy current inspection technologies

WesDyne Sweden office: Custom inspection solutions using ultrasonic and eddy current inspection technologies. It also offers a line of standard ultrasonic transducers and has the capability to provide custom-designed transducers for specialised applications.