Programme 11-12 September

12-14 September 2016, East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK 

Sunday 11 September  
16.00 onwards
Registration – Conference Centre Foyer
Welcome Buffet – Atrium

Monday 12 September
08.00 onwards Registration – Conference Centre Foyer
09.20-10.00 Opening Plenary Paper – Roy Sharpe Prize Lecture: Status and trends of the conversion from film to digital radiography and the quantitative evaluation of image quality
Dr U Ewert, Head, Radiological Methods Division, BAM
Chair: Professor R A Smith
Conference Theatre

Plenary – ‘Apprenticeship update’ – The Importance of continued professional development
Mr R Lyon, Project Manager, Apprenticeships, BINDT
Chair: Professor R A Smith
Conference Theatre
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Banqueting Suite
  Session 1A – Ultrasonics 1

Chair: Professor K J Kirk
Conference Theatre
Session 1B – Electromagnetics 1

Chair: Mr T Peyton
Suite 1
Session 1C – Applications 1

Chair: Mr I Cooper
Suite 2
Session 1D – Novel Developments

Chair: Mr J Hansen

Suite 3
11.00 [1A1] In-service NDT of additive manufactured parts

M V Felice1, T Barden2 and K Milne1
1Manufacturing Technology Centre
2Rolls-Royce plc

[1B1] Development of a technique for inspection of the graphite bricks in an advanced gas-cooled reactor core

H Tesfalem1, A Peyton1, A Fletcher2, M Brown2 and B Chapman3
1University of Manchester
2EDF Energy
3NDT Consultant
[1C1] Thermography combined with thickness testing in order to characterise subsurface defects

J Gryzagoridis1,2 and D Findeis2
1Cape Peninsula, University of Technology
2University of Cape Town

[2D5] Augmented reality-based visualisation of NDT data

J Meyer1, J Holtmannspoetter1 and K Dekker2
1Bundeswehr Research Institute for Materials
2University of the
German Armed Forces

11.25[1A2] Extending the capability of guided wave inspection to pipe bend geometries

J Allwright, R Sanderson, K Thornicroft and S Blackwell

[1B2] Multiplexed electromagnetic array probes: solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous heat exchanger tubing inspection

O Lavoie, S Savard and M Grenier
[1C2] Increasing the reliability of industrial multi-MW wind turbines

J Zhou, S Roshanmanesh, F Hayati, V Jantara Junior, T Wang, S Hajiabady, X Ying Li, H Dong and M Papaelias
University of Birmingham
[1D3] Numerical analysis of anisotropic composite material using EMAT

S Thomas1, M A Soladoye1, G P Yusuf1, N Ofodile-Keku2 and E Ashigwuike3
1Airforce Institute of Technology, Kaduna
2University of Leicester
3University of Abuja

11.50[1A3] Ultrasonic monitoring of grout

F Guarato1, C MacLeod1, G Pierce1, A Gachagan1, R O' Leary1 and K Wright2
1University of Strathclyde
2FoundOcean Ltd

[1B3] Development of a tool for the magnetic assessment of microstructural changes in Grade 91 power station steel tubes

J W Wilson1, N Karimian1, A J Peyton1, C Davis2 and J Liu2

1University of Manchester
2University of Warwick

[1C3] HRSG finned tube inspection with eddy current near-field array technique

A Kuczynska, D Pain and F Hardie
Doosan Babcock

[1D4] Mixed light inspection

G Diamond
CTO Inspection Technologies Ltd

12.15[1A4] M-skip for the sizing of uninsulated external corrosion to determine the remaining wall thickness in thick-walled components

S F Burch and H R Peramatzis
ESR Technology

[1B4] Detection and depth sizing of stress corrosion cracking in pipelines using tangential eddy current array

M Sirois, J Crepeau and A Raude
[1C4] Development of a sensor module for the detection of internal corrosion in steel petroleum pipelines

N Purushottam Kashinath
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

Lunch and Exhibition – Banqueting Suite
Trade AGM and Committee meeting – Suite 4

Session 2A – Ultrasonics 2

Chair: Professor R A Smith and Dr R Tayong

Conference Theatre
Session 2B – Electromagnetics 2

Chair: Mr J Hansen

Suite 1
Session 2C – Applications 2

Chair: Dr S Burch

Suite 2
Session 2D – Novel Developments continued

Chair: Ms C Bull
Suite 3
14.10 [2A1] Enhanced imaging of CFRP laminates using guided processing

L J Nelson and R A Smith
University of Bristol

[2B1] Current deflection NDE for defect screening

R Jarvis1, P Cawley1 and P B Nagy2
1Imperial College London
2University of Cincinnati

[2C1] Monitoring of degradation in stainless steel at high-cycle fatigue

G Pisarenko and A Mailo
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

[2D1] Advances in 3D remote visual measurement technologies

M Griffiths
GE Inspection Technologies, UK

14.35[2A2] Improvement of ultrasonic cross-sectional imagery via the application of coherence weighting and the total focusing method

B Knight-Gregson1, M Weston2, C Davis3, A J Peyton1 and P Scully1
1University of Manchester
2TWI Ltd
3University of Warwick

[2B2] Evaluation of precipitate and grain size distribution in steels by magnetic hysteresis measurement

J Liu1, J Wilson2, C Davis1 and A Peyton2
1University of Warwick
2University of Manchester
[2C2] Applicability instrumental indentation method for determining mechanical properties of in-service equipment by hardness evaluation

M B Bakirov1 and G M Bakirova2
1Centre of Material Science and Lifetime Ltd
[2D3] UV-LED lamps for fluorescent magnetic particle and penetrant testing in practice: technical and practical requirements, new possibilities and upcoming standardisation of UV-LED lamps

M Breit

15.00[2A3] Optimal utilisation of conventional and phased array inspection techniques in ultrasonic testing of complex components of aircraft jet engines

A Miltreyger, M Bron snd A Gershon
ScanMaster Systems Ltd

[2C3] Robotic ultrasonic inspection of AGR fuel cladding

M Morozov1, S G Pierce1, G Dobie1, G T Bolton2 and T Bennett2
1University of Strathclyde
2National Nuclear Laboratory

Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Banqueting Suite
16.25 [2A4] In-service application of an ultrasonic system permanently attached to the extrados of pipework to monitor possible wall loss due to flow-accelerated corrosion

A Hipkiss
Applus RTD UK Ltd

[2B4] A new feature extraction of angular defects characterisation in tubes for eddy current sensors

T Hamdouche and R Mehasni
University of Constantine

[2C4] Rail defect depth inspection using multiphysics integrated eddy current pulsed thermography

Y Gao1,2 and G Y Tian1,2
1Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
2Newcastle University
[1D1] Flexible wedge phased array transducers for inspecting variable-geometry or complex components

P Dumas, J Poguet, A Membre and L Fournier

16.50-17.15[2A5] Ultrasonic array imaging of defects in polymer pipes

J S Egerton, M J S Lowe and P Huthwaite
Imperial College London

[2B5] Phase-sensitive eddy current method of metallic coating thickness measurement. On the question of calibration and verification of coating thickness gauges and metallic coating thickness standards

S S Golubev1, V A Syasko2, N I Smirnova2 and K V Gogolinskiy3
1Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology
2Constanta Ltd
3D I Mendeleev Institute for Metrology
[2C5] 7.5 MeV PXB betatron with digital detection for corrosion measurement

J McNab
Oceaneering International Services Ltd

[1D2] Improving the acoustic performance of linear phased array transducers

P Dumas

18.30 Evening Function a visit to Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, which includes a tour around the ground itself and a two-course meal with wine in a suite overlooking the pitch. We will meet in the Orchard Hotel foyer at 6.30 pm to depart on the coaches to Trent Bridge and the coaches will return at around 9.30 pm.

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