Programme 13 September

12-14 September 2016, East Midlands Conference Centre and Orchard Hotel, Nottingham, UK 

Tuesday 13 September
08.00 Registration – Conference Centre Foyer
09.00-09.40 Plenary Paper – Automation in NDT: New risks and risk sources
M Bertovic, BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Germany
Chair: Professor R A Smith
Conference Theatre

Comfort Break
  Session 3A – Reliability and Human Factors in NDT

Chair: Dr B McGrath

Conference Theatre
Session 3B – Phased Array Applications

Chair: Mr G Luckett

Suite 1
Session 3C – Novel Techniques

Chair: Dr W Gardner

Suite 2
09.50 [3A1] NDT reliability: a regulator’s perspective

R Booler
Office for Nuclear Regulation

[3B1] Advances in small bore phased array UT (SBPAUT) techniques

F Hardie
Doosan Babcock

[3C1] Rapid defect characterisation by non-contact ultrasonic scanning

R S Edwards and O Trushkevych
University of Warwick

10.15[3A2] Human factors aspects of non-destructive testing in the offshore oil & gas industry

M Wall
Arcadis ESR Technology

[3B2] Development of methodology for inspection of welds in lined pipes using array ultrasonic techniques

R Baiotto1,2, C Nageswaran1 and T Clarke2
1TWI Ltd
2Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
[3C2] 200 micron-resolution gamma radiography from single-shot acquisition laser-driven sources

C Brenner
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Banqueting Suite
11.15[3A3] Model-assisted inspection optimisation and probability of detection

J R Pettit
Frazer-Nash Consultancy

[3B3] True advancements for longitudinal weld pipe inspection in PA

P Rioux1, J Turcotte1 and P Cyr2
1Sonatest AP
2Eclipse Scientific Inc

Gary Lowton will present the paper

[3C3] Assessment of damages in concrete by the electric response parameters to pulse mechanical excitation

T V Fursa1, D D Dann1, M V Petrov1 and K Yu Osipov2
1National Research, Tomsk Polytechnic University
2VE Zuev Institute of Atmospheric Optics

11.40[3A4] Why you need a written practice in an ISO 9712 environment

J Taylor
SGS Group 

[3B4] Ultrasonic defect characterisation using array data

L Bai, A Velichko and B W Drinkwater
University of Bristol

[3C4] Modelling and characterisation of defects in non-ferromagnetic materials using pulse eddy current (PEC) sensors

E Ashigwuike1, M Zakaria2 and S Thomas3
1University of Abuja
2Electronic Engineering, Nigerian Turkish Nile University
3Airforce Institute of Technology, Kaduna

[3A5] Using application workflows to enhance operator training performance and improve data acquisition repeatability and reliability

R Ward
GE Inspection Technologies, USA

[3B5] Monitoring of fatigue crack growth using non-linear ultrasonic phased array imaging

J Cheng, J Potter, A Croxford and B W Drinkwater
University of Bristol
[3C5] Non-destructive detection of defects in materials by a handheld QWHE magnetic scanner

E Ahmad, F A Biruu and M Missous
University of Manchester


BINDT'S strategy for serving the NDT, CM and SHM community: a 2016 update, Mr C Sinclair, CEO of BINDT – Conference Theatre
Benevolent Fund update, G Long, Testrade Ltd – Conference Theatre
13.00-14.30 Lunch and Exhibition – Banqueting Suite
BINDT Annual General Meeting – Conference Theatre – followed by Lunch and Exhibition – Banqueting Suite
Benevolent Fund Annual General Meeting – Conference Theatre – followed by Lunch and Exhibition – Banqueting Suite
Plenary Paper – Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing IZFP – expanding the potential of NDT across the entire product life cycle
R Hanke, Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing IZFP, Germany
Chair: Professor K Newton
Conference Theatre

Session 4A – Invited International Session: Research at the Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing IZFP

Chair: Professor K Newton

Conference Theatre
Session 4B – Digital Radiography

Chair: Mr G Luckett

Suite 1
Session 4C – Novel Techniques continued

Chair: Professor B Drinkwater

Suite 2
14.55[4A1] Non-destructive materials characterisation and testing of casting materials

I Veile, R Tschuncky, M Weikert-Müller, D Bruche, F Weber, M Kopp and K Szielasko
Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing IZFP, Germany

[4B1] Backscatter X-ray imaging with twisted slit collimator – quantitative simulation of and comparison to experiments

G-R Jaenisch, F Wieder, C Bellon, U Ewert, J Vogel, S Kolkoori and U Zscherpel

Dr U Ewert will present
[4C1] Advances in carbon steel weld inspection using tangential eddy current array

D Panggabean1, A Raude2, M Sirois2, H Lemieux3 and J Crepeau3
1TWI Ltd
2Eddyfi, France
3Eddyfi, Canada

[4A2] Automated NDT of railway wheels using induction thermography

A Ehlen, U Netzelmann, S Lugin, M Finckbohner, B Valeske and S Bessert
Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing IZFP, Germany

U Netzelmann will present
[4B2] Application and systematic errors of X-ray computed tomography associated with dimensional metrology

W Sun1, S Brown1, P Woolliams1, M McCarthy1, J White2 and M Attallah2
1National Physical Laboratory
2University of Birmingham

[4C2] Quantum well Hall-effect sensor based handheld magnetic scanner with programmable electromagnetic
coil for non-destructive testing of ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials

F A Biruu, E Balaban, E Ahmad and M Missous
University of Manchester
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Banqueting Suite
[4A3] On and offline ultrasonic characterisation and inspection of additively-manufactured components

M Spies1, H Rieder1, J Bamberg2 and B Henkel2
1Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing IZFP, Germany
2MTU Aero Engines AG, Germany

[4B3] Have we reached the film tipping-point? Challenges and the route to success

N Bloomfield
GE Inspection Technologies

[4C3] Improvement to ultrasonic spectroscopy (UltraSpec®) technique to extract reflection times

J Chambers and J Tucker
Southern Research Institute

[4A4] Discussion/panel session – opportunities for collaboration
[4B4] Data management vendor-neutral data archiving

S Montagna
GE Measurement and Control, USA
[4C4] High-temperature gallium orthophosphate transducers for NDT and monitoring purposes in nuclear power plants

M Kostan1, A Mohimi1,2, C Nageswaran2, T-H Gan1,2
L Wrobel1 and C Selcuk1
1Brunel University London
2TWI Ltd


[4B5] A new scatter correction technology for industrial mini- and micro-CT of large multimaterial or highly absorbing samples

N Bloomfield and S Telesz
GE Inspection Technologies

[4C5] A hybrid technique for modelling the ultrasonic response from surface-breaking defects

R Phillips1, D Duxbury2, P Huthwaite1 and M Lowe1
1Imperial College London
2Rolls-Royce plc

President's Honour Lecture – Ultrasonic levitation and manipulation, Professor B W Drinkwater, University of Bristol
Chair: Professor R A Smith
Conference Theatre

19.30 for 20.00 Pre-dinner Drinks – Banqueting Suite
Conference Dinner – Banqueting Suite

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