Programme 14 September

12-14 September 2016, East Midlands Conference Centre and Orchard Hotel, Nottingham, UK 

Wednesday 14 September
08.00 Registration – Conference Centre Foyer
09.15-09.45 Plenary Paper – Battle of Britain memorial flight – keeping the old girls flying
Jules Read, BAE Systems
Chair: Mr K Pickup
Conference Theatre

Session 5A – Oil, Gas and Pipes

Chair: Dr S F Burch
Conference Theatre
Session 5B – Applications

Chair: Professor K Newton
Suite 1
Session 5C – Aerospace

Chair: Professor R A Smith
Suite 2
09.45 [5A1] NDT in the oil & gas industry – the HOIS joint industry project perspective

H R Peramatzis and S F Burch
ESR Technology

[5B1] Advances in automated and remote-deployed ACFMT for surface crack detection

M C Smith
TSC Inspection Systems
[5C1] Increasing the use of laser shearography within the military air environment

P J Ruttle
RAF Wittering
10.10 [5A2] Modelling of ultrasonic guided waves for circular cylindrical structures using finite element approach and selection of noise filtering technique

A Sharma and S Kumar

[5B2] Eddy current pulsed thermography for blade edge defect inspection using Helmholtz-coil excitation

J Ji1, Y Gao1,2 and G Yun Tian1,2
1Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
2Newcastle University

[5C2] 3D characterisation of impact damage for performance modelling of composites

J Kirkpatrick, R Smith, S Hallett and D Hallam
University of Bristol

[5A3] On the detectability of corrosion damage with short-range circumferential guided waves

R Howard and F Cegla
Imperial College London
[5B3] Non-destructive magnetic field recognition for assembly failure detection in enclosed devices

J Wasacz and P Ryba
ABB sp z o o
[5C3] Optimising guided wave inspections for aircraft seals

J R Pettit
Frazer-Nash Consultancy
Tea and Coffee Break – Atrium

Session 6A – Theoretical Modelling

Chair: Dr R Chapman
Conference Theatre
Session 6B – Applications continued

Chair: Dr R C Brett
Suite 1
Session 6C – Composite Materials

Chair: Mr C Forrester
Suite 2
11.15 [6A1] Modelling and structural optimisation of a Lorentz force-based omnidirectional electromagnetic acoustic transducer

S Wang1,2 S Huang1, A Velichko2, P Wilcox2 and W Zhao1
1Tsinghua University
2University of Bristol

[6B1] Deployment of ultrasonic through-transmission inspection using twin cooperative industrial robots

J Riise1, S G Pierce1, P I Nicholson2, I Cooper2 and B Wright2
1University of Strathclyde
2TWI Technology

[6C1] On the tools for optimisation of X-ray CT of carbon fibre-reinforced composites

C I Fraij, R A Smith and P D Wilcox
University of Bristol

11.40[6A2] Hybrid simulation model of ultrasonic inspection of pressure tubes in the nuclear industry

H Zhao, J Dobson and A Gachagan
University of Strathclyde

[6B2] Software and digital signal processing algorithms for a novel quantum well Hall-effect (QWHE) transducer-based magnetic field camera

E Balaban, C W Liang and M Missous
The University of Manchester

[6C2] Wrinkle characterisation from ultrasonic scans of composites

B Larranga-Valsero1, R A Smith2, R Tayong2, A Fernandez-Lopez1 and A Guemes1
1University of Madrid
2University of Bristol

12.05 [6A3] Parametric finite element modelling study to investigate guided wave inspection sensitivity in boiler spines

R Sanderson1, E Hutchinson1, J Allwright1, K Thornicroft1 and J Jian2
1TWI Ltd
2EDF Energy Nuclear Generation

[6B3] The analysis and detection of kissing bonds in adhesive joints

F J Guild1 and C Jeenjitkaew2
1Imperial College London
2Element Hitchen

[6C3] Finite element analysis of ultrasonic CFRP laminate inspection

J Dobson1, A Gachagan1, R O’Leary1, A Tweedie2 and G Harvey2
1University of Strathclyde
2PZFlex, Thornton Tomasetti, UK
[6A4] Defect representation using the electromagnetic tensor formulation for eddy current NDT

N Karimian, M Lu, J W Wilson, W Yin and A J Peyton
University of Manchester

[6B4] Analysis of active noise level and vibration control inside an enclosure

A Montazeri1, N Karimian2 and S Karimian3
1Lancaster University
2University of Manchester

[6C4] Progress in modelling the mechanical performance of wrinkled composites based on NDT data

N Xie, R A Smith and S R Hallett
University of Bristol

[6A5] Wedge elastic waves with applications to ultrasonic non-destructive testing

V V Krylov
Loughborough University

[6B5] Acceleration of sweeping frequency in eddy current computation

M Lu, N Karimian, A Peyton and W Yin
University of Manchester

[6C5] Optimisation of ultrasonic inspection for 3D fibre-tow mapping in composite structures

M J Mienczakowski, L J Nelson and R Smith
University of Bristol
Conference Close and Prize Award Ceremony – Conference Theatre
Hot Lunch – Atrium, Conference Centre
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