Design of non-invasive sensor for detection of glucose level in diabetic patient


According to research surveys, some patients with diabetes have no control over the amount of sweets, foods and generally glucose they intake, which can be the cause of further health problems. It is generally known that any type of health problem can add to the mental pressure and anxiety of the patients, which may in turn decrease their self-control in eating. In order to aid patients with diabetes through such pressure, this paper proposes the design of a small non-invasive health sensor that can fit on patient’s teeth to measure and detect the amount of consumed glucose.

In some occasions where patients consume more than the limited and advisable amount of glucose, the sensor discharges some amount of harmless bitter liquid solution. This sensor is designed to be comfortably placed in forms of orthodontic brackets (made up from stainless still) on 2 of the back teeth, containing bitter liquid, which would be discharged when it is sensed that the patient has exceeded the allowed amount of glucose. This is a way to remind patients that they should prevent eating more glucose. Such sensor system would be connected and controlled by a smartphone, where they can measure the amount of secretion of fluid, remaining amount of resources, and prepares a report for the sugar consumption at the specified time periods. It is expected the secretion of bitter liquid over time reduces patient’s tendency to eat sweets, and eventually guide patients into a healthier lifestyle and controlled blood glucose level.