Comprehensive electromagnetic testing of the properties of functional metal coatings, including multilayer, and its metrological assurance in aerospace industry


In the aerospace industry in recent years has significantly increased the range of metal coatings, the main task of which is to provide a large range of functional properties, in some cases contradictory. The traditional testing of only their thickness does not allow to judge their quality.

On the basis of simulation results the structure and parameters of electromagnetic transducers and measuring system allowing to control electrical conductivity, magnetic permeability and thickness of coatings and bases of standards and products designed to work in particularly harsh conditions of ultra-high temperatures and loads with the provision of specified functional electromagnetic, geometric and mechanical properties were developed.

The results of modeling, methods of calculation of parameters and operating modes of measuring transducers, description of developed standards of coating and base properties, as well as the structure and parameters of the reference complex for metrological assurance of measurement results are presented. Metal coating thickness reference standards (measures of thickness of conductive coatings on conductive base) are described, for which not only geometric but also electrophysical parameters are normalized, such as electrical conductivity and complex relative magnetic permeability of the base, electrical conductivity of the coating.