Programme 10 September 2018


Sunday 9 September
16.00-19.00Registration – Room: Conference Centre Foyer
19.00-21.00 Welcome Buffet – Room: Atrium

Monday 10 September
08.00Registration – Room: Conference Centre Foyer
Tea and Coffee – Room: Banqueting Suite Foyer
09.00-09.10 Opening Ceremony
Chair: C Bull, President of BINDT
Room: Conference Theatre

09.10-09.40The President's Honour Lecture: Infrared Thermography for CM and NDT, T Clausing, USA
Chair: C Bull, President of BINDT
Room: Conference Theatre

09.40-09.50 BINDT Update D Gilbert, CEO of BINDT
Chair: C Bull, President of BINDT
Room: Conference Theatre

09.50-10.00 CM Book Update
Professor A Hope, Southampton Solent University UK
Chair: C Bull, President of BINDT
Room: Conference Theatre 
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite
09.00-12.00PCN UpdateN Banks, BINDT
Room: 4A

  Session 1A: Ultrasonics

Chair: Professor A Gachagan
Room: Conference Theatre
Session 1B: NDT for Industry 4.0 – Opportunities for the future

Chairs: Professor I Cooper and T Bertenshaw
Room: 3A and 3B
Session 1C: Electromagnetics

Chair: J Hansen
Room: Suite 2
10.30-10.50[1A1] RT versus UT – conversion of acceptance standards from standard reference radiographs (ASTM E446 and E186) into ultrasonic

J Makovsky
William Cook Cast Products – QA, UK

[1B1] Use of NDT data to enable factory transformation

T Bertenshaw
GKN Aerospace Services Ltd, UK

[1C1] Measurement of electrical conductivity for metal wires using an electromagnetic sensor

S Zhu1, M Lu1, J R Salas Avila1, Y Tao1, Y Xie1, A J Peyton1, J Ding2, S Williams2 and W Yin1
1University of Manchester, UK
2Cranfield University, UK
10.50-11.10[1A2] Calibration of ultrasonic hardware for total focusing method imaging

M Ingram1, A Gachagan1, A Nordon1, A Mulholland1, J Dziewierz1 and M Hegarty2
1University of Strathclyde, UK
2BP Chemicals Ltd, UK

[1B2] An end-user perspective of Industry 4.0 at Rolls-Royce

S Carter
Rolls-Royce plc, UK

[1C2] Measurement and modelling of the EMspec® sensor response to phase transformation in 2.25 Cr-Mo steel

W Jacobs1, J Shen2, L Zhou1, C  Davis1, P Hunt2 and J Hinton2
1University of Warwick, UK
2Primetals Technologies Ltd, UK

11.10-11.30[1A3] Automated detection, measurement and classification of defects in CANDU reactor pressure tubes

C Wallace, P Zacharis, G West, G Dobie and A Gachagan
University of Strathclyde, UK

[1B3] Enabling robotic adaptive behaviour capabilities for new automated quality inspection paradigms

C Mineo1, C Wong2, M Vasilev1, C N MacLeod1, R Fuentes3, S G Pierce1 and E Yang2
1Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, UK
2Design Manufacture & Engineering Management, University of Strathclyde, UK
3Dynamics Research Group, University of Sheffield, UK

[1C3] Comprehensive electromagnetic testing of the properties of functional metal coatings, including multilayer, and its metrological assurance in aerospace industry

V A Syasko
Constanta Ltd, Russia
Ten-Minute Comfort Break and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite
11.40-12.00[1A4] Enhancement of the mode purity of shear horizontal mode of a thickness-shear transducer through design changes

M Zennaro1, D J O’Boy1 and P Mudge2
1Loughborough University, UK

[1B4] Industry 4.0 is heralding the forth industrial era of smart and integrated factories

P Chow

[1C4] Online damage identification based on electromechanical impedance and cointegration under varying dynamic loads

X Jie, X Li, L Xiao and W Qu
Wuhan University, China

12.00-12.20[1A5] Guided wave sensitivity to creep damage represented by effective material property variations using finite element modelling

S Horne1, M Lowe1, P Huthwaite1 and J Fong2
1Imperial College London, UK
2Guided Ultrasonics Ltd, UK

[1B5] X-ray CT enabling Quality 4.0

B Morgan

[1C5] An automated two-dimensional magnetic field scanner based on quantum well Hall-effect sensor for non-destructive testing

F A Biruu, J Sexton, C W Liang and M Missous
University of Manchester, UK

[1A6] Noise removal using adaptive filtering in ultrasonic guided wave testing of pipelines

H Nakhli Mahal1,2, P Mudge3 and A K Nandi2
2Brunel University, UK
3TWI Ltd, UK

[1B6] Panel Session [1C6] A comparative study of electromagnetic NDE methods and Quantum Well Hall Effect sensor imaging for surface-flaw detection in mild steel welds

J M Watson, C W Liang, J Sexton, F Biruu and M Missous
University of Manchester, UK

Lunch and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite
International Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting (working lunch by invitation only) – Room: Gallery 2
13.40Trade & Industry AGM and Committee Meeting
Room: 4A

13.40-14.10Apprenticeship Update
R Lyon, Chair, Education and Professional Development Committee Project Manager, Trailblazer 3 Apprenticeship Scheme, BINDT
Chair: C Bull, President of BINDT
Room: Conference Theatre

Session 2A – Ultrasonics applications

Chair: Dr C Brett
Room: Conference Theatre
Session 2B – Applications

Chair: Professor K Newton
Room: 3A and 3B
Session 2C – Inspection – process selection and monitoring

Chair: Dr R Chapman
Room: Suite 2
14.10-14.30[2A1] Autonomous ice protection combining ultrasonic guided waves (UGWs) and electrothermal systems

M Kostan1, A Dhutti1, X Niu2, W Duan1, M Kourmpetis1, J Kanfoud1 and T-H Gan1,2
1Brunel University London, UK
2TWI Ltd, UK

[2B1] Image processing and machine learning possibilities for detection of cracks within corrosion on rail axles

J Syeda, H Meng and J Rudlin

[2C1] Modelling of high-temperature ultrasonic inspection for in-process inspection of electron beam welding

S Majidnia and C Nageswaran

[2A2] Ultrasonic phased array inspection of wire plus arc additive manufacture (WAAM) samples using conventional and total focused matrix (TFM) imaging approaches

Y Javadi1, C N MacLeod1, S G Pierce1, A Gachagan1, W Kerr2, J Ding3, S Williams3, M Vasilev1, R Su1, C Mineo1 and J Dziewierz1
1Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering (CUE), Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, UK
2University of Strathclyde, UK
3Cranfield University, UK
[2B3] Opportunities and challenges facing robotic NDT in the oil & gas industry

R Taneja
Integrated Solutions, InnoTecUK

[2C2] Simulation of ultrasonic structural noise including first and second scattering contributions based on the Born approximation

V Dorval1, S Chatillon1, L Taupin1 and L Ducousso-Ganjehi2
1CEA, LIST, France
2IRSN, France

[2A3] Full volumetric inspection of small bore pipe to fitting welds using LIMBOTOFD

T Armitt and D Miller
Lavender International, UK
[2B2] This slot is available for a late submission
[2C3] Mathematical modelling of ultrasonic waves in heterogeneous materials using stochastic differential equations

S Jenkins, A J Mulholland and K M M Tant
University of Strathclyde, UK

Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite

Ultrasonics applications continued

Chair: K Pickup
Room: Conference Theatre
Applications continued

Chair: Professor K Newton
Room: 3A and 3B
Inspection – process selection and monitoring continued

Chair: Dr R Chapman
Room: Suite 2
[3A1] Towards optimised inspection parameters for ultrasonic testing of austenitic welds through backscattered noise analysis

J W Lambert, H Kumar, C Nageswaran and C Carpentier

[3B2] In-service corrosion assessment for high temperature plant components

T Stevenson1 and S Kenny2
1Ionix Advanced Technologies Ltd, UK
2Oceaneering Inspection Services Ltd, UK

[3C1] Monitoring using sparse arrays of ultrasonic transducers

J Crutchley
John Wood Group Plc, UK

[3A2] Practical benefits of the continuous-load-monitoring ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) hardness testing method

Y Yan and I Tsalicoglou
Proceq SA, Switzerland

[3B1] This slot is available for a late submission

[3C2] In-process monitoring of industrial applications using laser ultrasound

B Dutton
The Manufacturing Technology Centre Ltd, UK

[3A3] Setting of ultrasonic velocity ratio reference value of P265GH steel for detection of creep degradation by ordinal means of evaluation

T Zavadil
Advanced Technology Group Ltd, Prague and Czech Technical University, Prague

[3B3] This slot is available for a late submission

[7C2] This slot is available for a late submission

Conference close for the day

Evening eventNottingham National Justice Museum
Coaches will be provided to and from the venue. If you wish to attend, we would ask that you gather in the Conference Centre Foyer from 17.15 ready to depart at 17.30 promptly. Return journey coaches will pick you up at 21.30 from the Pitcher & Piano.

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