Programme 11 September 2018


Tuesday 11 September
08.00Registration – Room: Conference Centre Foyer
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite

Practitioner Tuition Sessions – Free of charge to all full-time delegates, those who booked daily attendance to Tuesday 11 September 2018 and exhibitors. Sessions are chargeable to those who booked daily attendance for Monday 10 and Wednesday 12 September 2018.
Room: 4A
09.00-09.30Plenary Keynote Lecture: The state-of-the-art research on industrial lab-based X-ray computed tomography
J Kastner, C Heinzl, B Plank, D Salaberger, C Gusenbauer, M Reiter and S Senck
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Chair: Professor R Smith
Room: Conference Theatre

CM and NDT Exhibition Spotlight Session
Chair: Professor A Hope
Room: Conference Theatre
10.30-16.15 Practitioner Day – hosted by the Practitioner Group
Room: 4A
  Session 4A: Human factors, reliability and validation

Chair: Dr D Hallam
Room: Conference Theatre
Session 4B: Full matrix capture and total focusing method

Chair: Dr M Weston
Room: 3A and 3B
Session 4C: Guest Institution Session –  Research group on computed tomography from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Chair: Professor R Smith
Room: Suite 2
10.00-10.20[4A1] The design and launch of the international information system on occupational exposure in medicine, industry and research (ISEMIR) to optimise worldwide occupational radiation protection

L Dojcanova, J Ma and J Fu
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Austria

[4B1] TFM+ for improved defect detection in heterogeneous media

K M M Tant1, A J Mulholland1 and A Gachagan2
1Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Strathclyde, UK
2Centre of Ultrasonic Engineering, University of Strathclyde, UK

[4C1] Visual computing of X-ray CT data

C Heinzl
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
10.20-10.40[4A2] HOIS project C16-04 human factors phase 2: Human factors guidance to improve reliability of non-destructive testing in the offshore oil & gas industry

M Wall
HOIS, ESR Technology Ltd, UK

[4B2] Planar defects characterisation by selective TFM imaging for weld inspection

S Kombossé and O Roy
M2M, France

[4C2] Microcomputed tomography for materials in biomedical applications

J Glinz, S Senck, B Plank and J Kastner
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

10.40-11.00[4A3] Numerical validation of non-destructive testing on materials

S Thomas, U Ozsoy, V Anye, P Nzerem and G Koyunlu
Department of Computer Engineering, Nile University of Nigeria, Africa

[4B3] An adaptive approach of the total focusing method for the inspection of parts with a complex shape

G Dao1, A Caulder1, N Laroche2, E  Carcreff2, Z Xu2 and D Braconnier2
1Advanced OEM Solutions, USA
2The Phased Array Company, USA
Remi Lallement will present
[4C3] Practical applications of Talbot Lau grating interferometer X-ray CT

J Kastner, J Glinz and S Senck
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite
Panel Session (with tea and coffee served in the session room) – Room: Suite 2
11.30-11.50[4A4] The benefits of automated detection technology to increase reliability and efficiency for phased array analysis

G Luckett,
Advanced NDT, UK

[4B4] Next-generation ultrasonic array imaging: study into virtual source aperture and plane wave imaging

E Hoyle, M Sutcliffe, P Charlton, J  Rees and M Weston
TWI Technology Centre, UK

X-ray CT in the UK
Chairs: Professor R Smith and Professor I Cooper

[4C4] NDT at uVIS

M Mavrogordato and I Sinclair
University of Southampton, UK
A Biguri will present
11.50-12.10[4A5] Validation and calibration of computer-simulated probability of detection curves from ultrasonic inspection

M Burrowes1, L Marcelo Tavares2 and G R Pereira1,2
1University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[4B5] A new acquisition system to exploit the capabilities and versatility of TFM imaging

L Le Ber, M Bec, O Roy and P Benoist
M2M, France

[4C5] A parametric study of segmentation thresholds for X-ray CT porosity characterisation in composite materials

I Tretiak and R A Smith
University of Bristol, UK

[4A6] Automated defect detection for fluorescent penetrant inspection using machine learning

N J Shipway1, P Huthwaite1, M J S Lowe1 and T Barden2
1Imperial College London, UK
2Rolls-Royce, UK

[4B6] Adaptive TFM imaging for thickness measurement on pipe welds

O Roy1, A Bergé1 and P Bergalonne2
1Eddify Technologies, France
2ONET Technologies, France
[4C6] Optimisation tools for X-ray CT imaging of carbon fibre composites

C Fraij and R Smith
University of Bristol, UK

Lunch and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite
BINDT Annual General Meeting Room: Conference Theatre
Followed by Lunch and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite
13.00-13.30 Benevolent Fund Annual General MeetingRoom: Conference Theatre
Followed by Lunch and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite 
13.30-14.00 ISCM Annual General MeetingRoom: Gallery 2 
14.00-14.30Plenary Lecture [226] Joint CM and NDT: A journey from NDT to CM
Dr T Holroyd
Chair: C Bull, President of BINDT
Room: Conference Theatre

14.30-15.00 Plenary Paper – Roy Sharpe Prize Lecture: You can look but you must not touch
Professor S Dixon, University of Warwick, UK
Chair: C Bull, President of BINDT
Room: Conference Theatre

15.00-15.10 Ten-Minute Comfort Break and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite 

Session 5A – Ultrasonics

Chair: Dr I Baillie
Room: Conference Theatre
Session 5B – High-temperature applications

Chair: TBC
Room: 3A and 3B
Session 5C –
Training and Certification

Chair: R Lyon
Room: Suite 2
15.10-15.30[5A1] Laser-induced phased arrays for remote ultrasonic imaging of additive manufactured components

T Stratoudaki1, D Pieris2, Y Javadi1, W Kerr1, P D Wilcox3 and M Clark2
1University of Strathclyde, UK
2University of Nottingham, UK
3University of Bristol, UK

[5B1] Inspection for HTHA using hybrid TULA transducers

T Armitt and D Miller
Lavender International, UK

[5C2] ASME ANDE-1 – how it differs to traditional NDT qualification systems

T Zavadil1 and M L Turnbow2
1Advanced Technology Group Ltd, Prague
2Independent consultant, USA

[5A2] A new advanced coded excitation technique for ultrasonic testing

Z Fan, G Asfis, H Meng and J Rudlin
[5B2] Detection of HTHA in petrochemical reactor vessels and pipework systems

T Armitt and D Miller
Lavender International NDT, UK

[5C3] Quality factors affecting NDT personnel qualification and certification process

T Zavadil and Z Zavadil
Advanced Technology Group Ltd, Prague

[5A3] Use of artificial intelligence for phased array data analysis

R Rhéaume and S Duclos
Phasex NDE, Canada
[5B3] High-temperature piezoelectric transducer for continuous online thickness monitoring

N Lunn1, 2, S Dixon1 and M Potter2
1University of Warwick, UK
2Sonemat Ltd, UK

[5C1] NDT Apprenticeships – the impact for STEM sector employers

Sam Cunningham
Skills Training UK

Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: Banqueting Suite
Diversity and inclusion networking event with tea and cake – stands 65 and 66

Session 6A – Ultrasonics applications

Chair: Dr M Wall
Room: Conference Theatre
Session 6B – Radiography

Chair: Professor I Cooper
Room: 3A and 3B
Session 6C – Training and certification

Chair: R Lyon
Room: Suite 2
[6A1] Remote inspection of nuclear storage facilities using electromagnetic acoustic transducers, laser triangulation and machine vision

J C Skelton1, W Newsom2, C Saunders2, C Murphy2, L Lambert2 and S Cooper3
1Wood Plc, UK
2Assystem Energy & Infrastructure, UK
3Sellafield Ltd, UK

[6B1] RiserSure: development of a digital radiographic-based system for subsea inspection of flexible risers

P I Nicholson1, A L Clarke1, G  Liaptsis1, A Kaur2, B Ma2, M Corsar2 and T Sattar2
1TWI Technology Centre, UK
2London South Bank Innovation Centre (LSBIC), UK

[6C1] In-service inspection; training and certification aspects

A Tsougkranis and N Harrap

[6A2] Simultaneous acquisition of data from multiple EMAT coils using coded sequences

F Cegla, J Parra-Raad and P Khalili
NDE Group, Imperial College London, UK

[6B2] Panel Session
[6C2] NDT apprenticeships – An apprentice’s perspective

J Mair
Rolls-Royce plc, UK

[6A3] New developments for phased array corrosion mapping and the real life inspections they solve

G Luckett
Advanced NDT, UK

[6B3] This slot is available for a late submission

[6C3] Apprenticeships – An employer’s perspective

I Baillie
Rolls-Royce plc, UK

CM and NDT Awards Ceremony with welcome drinkRoom: Conference Theatre
Pre-dinner drinksRoom: Banqueting Suite
Conference dinner – Room: Banqueting Suite

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