Moisture detection imaging (MDI) for CUI inspection programmes

B Anderson 
Acuren Inspection, 101 Old Underwood Road, La Porte, Texas, USA
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Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a major problem for ageing oil and gas facilities and, if not detected, could lead to safety/financial and environmental consequences. Moisture/wet insulation is a major factor in the CUI process for many piping and vessel systems. If undetected it could lead to major external corrosion issues, which eventually lead to system failure. A new approach to the CUI process is the detection and mitigation of moisture within the insulation system before it has the opportunity to cause damage to the component(s). This presentation will discuss the evaluation and deployment of a new technology for the detection of wet insulation utilising an moisture detection imaging (MDI) system. 

Keywords: corrosion under insulation, moisture detection.