Programme 2-3 September 2019

The International Centre, Telford, UK 

Monday 2 September


– Exhibition Hall 3 Foyer


Welcome Buffet
– Exhibition Hall 3 Foyer

Tuesday 3 September


– Exhibition Hall 3 Foyer
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Exhibition Hall 3


Opening Plenary Paper – Roy Sharpe Prize Lecture: Advances in modern mass-manufacturing using NDE 4.0 process based on artificial intelligence
Professor R Gr Maev, University of Windsor, Canada
Chair: J Hansen
Room: Ironbridge 3


Plenary Paper – RCNDE Showcase

Professor R Smith, University of Bristol, UK
Chair: J Hansen
Room: Ironbridge 3


Plenary Paper – Book Launch: Golden Egg or Poisoned Chalice?: The Story of Nuclear Power in the UK
A Wooldridge and S Druce, Authors
Chair: J Hansen
Room: Ironbridge 3


Plenary Paper – The fingerprint of an invisible killer
T Armitt, Lavender International
Chair: J Hansen
Room: Ironbridge 3


Tea, Coffee and Exhibition
– Exhibition Hall 3

Session 1A

Ironbridge 3

Session 1B

Wenlock 1 & 2

Session 1C

Wenlock 3 & 4
 RCNDE Showcase: SHM and sensors

Chair: Professor P Wilcox

Additive manufacturing

Chair: K Pickup

Novel techniques and applications

Chair: C Bull


Estimating the detection capabilities of permanently installed sensors

J Corcoran
Imperial College, UK

Micro-CT measurement of defects in lightweight mirrors for applications in space imaging

P A Cooper1, W Sun1,
C Atkins2 and S B Brown1
1National Physical Laboratory, UK
2Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK

Laser ultrasound inspection at industrial process speeds

B Dutton, J Whicker and W Vesga


Liquid crystal sensors for NDT

O Trushkevych and R S Edwards, University of Warwick, UK

Inspection of composite parts produced by additive manufacturing: air-coupled ultrasound and thermography

M A Machado, P L Inácio, R A Santos, A F Gomes, A P Martins,
M S Carvalho and T G Santos
UNIDEMI, NOVA School of Science and Technology, Portugal

Non-linear resonance as a novel self-referencing NDT method for rapid assessment of components

D Sanmartin and J Wright
Theta Technologies Limited, UK


Electromagnetic acoustic transducers for guided wave-based robotic inspection

O Trushkevych1, S Dixon1,
R S Edwards1, M Tabatabaeipour2,
G Dobie2, C MacLeod2,
A Gachagan2 and S G Pierce2
1University of Warwick, UK
2University of Strathclyde, UK

Automated complementary NDT inspection system for production of AM parts

W Vesga1, B Dutton1, J R Wright2,
D Sanmartin2, M Potter3,
T Martin4, M Baratoiu1 and N Lunn3
1The Manufacturing Technology Centre, UK,
2Theta Technologies Limited, UK,  
3Sonemat, UK,
4JetSoft Ltd, UK

A review of applying the non-destructive testing methods for the detection of landmines

N Karimian
University of Tehran, Iran


Phased array electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs) for surface detection

L Xiang, R S Edwards and S Dixon
University of Warwick, UK

Ultrasonic phased array inspection of wire plus arc additive manufactured (WAAM) titanium samples

E Mohseni1, Y Javadi1, D Lines1,
R Vithanage1, E Foster1, Z Qiu1,
R Zimermann1, C N MacLeod1,
S G Pierce1, A Gachagan1,
G Marinelli2, J Ding2
and S Williams2
1University of Strathclyde, UK
2Cranfield University, UK

Non-intrusive inspection (NII) – tomorrow’s technology saving costs today

S Kenny
Eddyfi Technologies, UK


Lunch and Exhibition
Exhibition Hall 3


SIG MeetingRoom: Beckbury 4


Trade AGM and Committee Meeting
Room: Coalport 1

Session 2A

Ironbridge 3

Session 2B

Wenlock 1 & 2

Session 2C

Wenlock 3 & 4

RCNDE Showcase: Ultrasound and magnetics

Chair: Professor M Missous

Chair: Dr R Freemantle
Automated and robotic NDT

Chair: Professor I Cooper


Extending the life of an evaporator vessel through testing, inspection, modelling and analysis

P Liddicott
Sellafield Ltd, UK

High-speed inspection of UD CFRP composites

M A Machado1, K Niklas Antin2,
L S Rosado3, P Vilaça2
and T G Santos1
1UNIDEMI, Portugal
2Aalto University, Portugal
3Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Dry-coupled ultrasonic thickness measurement deployed using an over-actuated unmanned aerial vehicle

R J Watson1, M Kamel2, D Zhang1,
C N MacLeod1, G Dobie1,
S G Pierce1 and J I Nieto2
1University of Strathclyde, UK
2Autonomous Systems Lab, Switzerland


Expected scattering of elastic waves by rough defects for applications in ultrasonic NDT

S Haslinger, M Lowe, P Huthwaite and R Craster
Imperial College, UK

Effects of honeycomb core on acoustic emission wave propagation in glass fibre composite plates

A H Abdulaziz1,2, J P McCrory2,
K M Holford2, M Heday1
and A Elsabbagh1
1Ain Shams University, Egypt,
2Cardiff University, UK

Application of robotic technology for floor thickness monitoring of hazardous liquid storage tanks

A Rahbarimanesh
Monition Limited, UK


Volumetric imaging of defects through a non-planar surface

J McKee
University of Bristol, UK

Developing a high-fidelity knowledge base for non-destructive testing and composite material products: a review

N Gandhi1, 2, R Rose2, A Croxford3 and C Ward1
1Bristol Composites Institute, UK
2National Composites Centre, UK
3University of Bristol, UK

Computational intelligence approaches for data analysis: the next step of innovation for advanced UT techniques in NDT

A Gonzalez Rodriguez1, A Gosselin2, R Rhéaume2 and N Harrap3
1TWI, Mexico
2Ondia, Canada


Tea, Coffee and Exhibition
Exhibition Hall 3


Ultrasonic immersion testing for depth sizing of crack-like defects in pipes

R Rachev1, 2, A Velichko1 and P Wilcox1
1University of Bristol, UK
2Baker Hughes, UK

Non-destructive detection of discontinuity of circuit board using image processing techniques
N Karimian and S Ghafouri Varzaneh
University of Tehran, Iran

Using motion capture systems for NDE

J Riise, D Carswell, M Lindop, R Sampson
and I Cooper


SH0 interaction with surface-breaking tilted cracks in plates

J Combaniere and P Cawley
Imperial College London, UK

A brief review of applications of ANN for NDT defect detection in the aerospace industry

N Karimian and S Ghafouri Varzaneh
University of Tehran, Iran

UT automatic diagnosis using machine learning and numerical databases
S Le Berre, D Roue, X Artusi,
R Miorelli and C Reboud
CEA-LIST, France


Magnetic field frequency optimisation for MFL imaging using QWHE sensors

J M Watson, C W Liang, J Sexton
and M Missous
University of Manchester, UK

On-site inspection of wind turbine blades using shearography with a robotic deployment system

J Gao1, H Zheng1, V Rosas2,
M Pachos3, J Seton4
and X Echarte Azcarate5
1TWI Ltd, UK
2London South Bank University, UK
3IKnowHow, Athens, Greece
4WRS Cathodic protection BV, Netherlands
5Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Spain

Training of artificial intelligence for automated data analysis of phased array ultrasound data

R Rhéaume and C Catta
Ondia Inc, Canada


Microstructural imaging of ferromagnetic material using integrated quantum well Hall-effect sensor arrays

C W Liang, J Sexton, M Sadeghi and M Missous
University of Manchester, UK

Application of the ultrasonic guided wave tomography in structural health monitoring of composites

A Jankauskas and L Mažeika
Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Development of a drone-robot hybrid system for industrial plant inspection

A Shibli
European Technology Development, UK


Magnetic measurements for the assessment of creep damage and detection of aberrant material in power station steels

J W Wilson1, A J Peyton1, D J Allen2, A Shibli3 and Y Hasegawa4
1University of Manchester, UK
2IMPACT PowerTech Ltd, UK
3European Technology Development
Ltd (ETD), UK
4Nippon Steel Technology (NST), Japan



Flexible robotic cell for in-process inspection of multi-pass welds

D Lines, Y Javadi, E Mohseni,
M Vasilev, C MacLeod, R Vithanage,
Z Qiu, R Zimermann, C Loukas,
E Foster, G Pierce and A Gachagan
University of Strathclyde, UK


Conference close for the day


Evening function
– Visit to RAF Cosford, including transfers, a two-course meal with wine and a guided tour. This is a ticketed event. If you wish to attend but do not have a ticket, please contact the BINDT registration desk. This is subject to availability, as places are limited.
Please assemble at the main entrance to the Telford International Centre to get on the coach, which leaves at approximately 18.15.