Programme 4 September 2019

The International Centre, Telford, UK 

Wednesday 4 September


– Exhibition Hall 3 Foyer
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Exhibition Hall 3


Plenary Paper – Recent industrial applications of laser ultrasonic testing in Toshiba
M Ochiai, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation / First Vice President of The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection (JSNDI)
Chair: C Bull, AWE, UK
Room: Ironbridge 3


Ten-Minute Comfort Break

Session 3A

Ironbridge 3

Session 3B

Wenlock 1 & 2

Session 3C

Wenlock 3 & 4
 RCNDE Showcase: Machine learning, difficult materials and complex structures

Chair: Professor R Smith

Ultrasound and arrays

Chair: I Collison


Chair: Professor K Newton


Development in automated defect detection for fluorescent penetrant inspection using machine learning

N Shipway1, P Huthwaite1, M J S Lowe1 and T Barden2
1Imperial College, UK
2Rolls-Royce plc, UK

TrainNDT – development of an ultrasonic training simulator

C R Brett1, L Zhao2, S Hide3,
O Gilmour3, P Collins4
and J Bailey5
1Uniper Technologies
Ltd, UK
2TWI Ltd, UK
3Eastpoint Software
Ltd, UK
4InnoTec UK Ltd, UK
5Applied Inspection Ltd, UK

Trip avoidance X-ray inspection (TAXI)

J R McNab
Oceaneering International Services Limited, UK

J Staff will present this paper


A novel feature extraction method of eddy current testing for defect detection based on machine learning

Y Tao, W Yin and A Peyton
University of Manchester, UK

Improving UT weld inspection confidence by utilising specifically developed tools

A Akhlaghi1, F Lachance2
and P Rioux2
1Sonatest Limited, UK
2Sonatest AP, Canada

The fallacy of sharpness in determining digital radiographic image quality

D Mapletoft
Carestream Health, USA


Tea, Coffee and Exhibition
– Exhibition Hall 3


Feature guided wave inspection of seal fins in aero engines

J Corcoran1, E Leinov1, M Lowe1 and A Jeketo2
1Imperial College, UK
2Rolls-Royce plc, UK

Design of a phased array EMAT for inspection applications in liquid sodium

L Pucci1, R Raillon1, L Taupin1 and F Baque2
1CEA-LIST, France
2CEA, France

S Le Berre will present this paper

Design and performance of an accelerator-based thermal and fast neutron imaging facility

K Rittenhouse
Phoenix LLC, USA


Conductivity profiling of complex objects using multi-frequency eddy current measurements and neural network approach

H Tesfalem1, A J Peyton1, A D Fletcher1, M Brown2 and J Hampton1
1University of Manchester, UK
2EDF Energy, UK

[3B4] An example NDT apprenticeship project – remote phased array ultrasonic inspection of thin-walled pipes

D O’Hare
Rolls-Royce plc, UK

Deployment of digital radiography for subsea inspection of flexible risers

A L Clarke1, G Liaptsis1, S Hall1, C Forrest1, P I Nicholson1, A Kaur2, B Ma2
and M Corsar2
1TWI Technology Centre (Wales), UK
2London South Bank Innovation Centre, UK


Improved eddy current testing sensitivity on low-conductivity alloys

A To
University of Warwick, UK

Defect characterisation using multi-view TFM imaging algorithm

N Budyn, R Bevan, A Croxford and P Wilcox
University of Bristol, UK

Radiation protection: improving the safety of workers exposed to ionising radiation

L Dojcanova
Radiation Safety and Monitoring Section, Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, Austria 


BINDT’s strategy for serving the NDT, CM and SHM community: a 2018/2019 update

D Gilbert, CEO, BINDT
Room: Ironbridge 3


Apprenticeships: the NDT success story

R Lyon, Chair, Education and Professional Development Committee, Project Manager, Trailblazer 3 Apprenticeship Scheme, BINDT
Room: Ironbridge 3


Lunch and Exhibition
Exhibition Hall 3


BINDT Annual General Meeting
– Ironbridge 3
Followed by Lunch and Exhibition – Exhibition Hall 3


Benevolent Fund Annual General Meeting
– Ironbridge 3
Followed by Lunch and Exhibition – Exhibition Hall 3


President's Honour Lecture
– The future of NDT – crisis or opportunity?
Professor R Smith, University of Bristol, UK
Chair: J Hansen
Room: Ironbridge 3

Session 4A

Ironbridge 3

Session 4B

Wenlock 1 & 2

Session 4C

Wenlock 3 & 4

RCNDE Showcase: Phased arrays and full matrix capture

Chair: Dr C MacLeod
In-service inspection

Chair: Professor I Cooper
Acoustic emission

Chair: Dr C Brett


Compression for ultrasonic phased array imaging: compressive sensing and wavelet thresholding

R Pyle1,2, R Bevan1 and P Wilcox1
1University of Bristol, UK
2Baker Hughes, UK

Probe separation distance (PSD) applied to an industrial girth weld application

C Hoyle
TWI, Wales

Quantitative evaluation of damage evolution in austenitic cast manganese steel crossings using acoustic emission

M Kongpuang1, R Culwick1, A Marsh1,
V L Jantara Junior1, P Vallely1,2,
M Papaelias1 and S Kaenwunruen1
1The University of Birmingham, UK
2Network Rail, UK


Ultrasonic-based determination of immersion phase array set-up variables

R Bevan
University of Bristol, UK

Predictive modelling and non-destructive testing (NDT) of oil and gas storage tanks

E Odiowei, S Thomas, P Nzerem, Y Babayev and V Anye
Nile University of Nigeria

The effectiveness of acoustic emission testing in corrosion monitoring and qualifying the deferral of storage tank turnarounds

Al Lutfallah Muhammed
Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia


Imaging for X-optimised imaging algorithms for totally unknown defects and components

A Croxford and E Lopez-Villaverde
University of Bristol, UK

Inspection qualification and NDE reliability

C Curtis, A Walker and I Atkinson
Wood Inspection Validation Centre (IVC), UK

Early identification of railway rolling stock wheel and axle bearing defects using acoustic emission techniques

P Krusuansombat1, P Vallely1, 2,
S Kaenwunruen1
and M Papaelias1
1The University of Birmingham, UK
2Network Rail, UK


Tea, Coffee and Exhibition
Exhibition Hall 3


Characterisation of defects from ultrasonic array data

A Velichko
University of Bristol, UK

Vibration monitoring for in-situ health assessment of 3D printed polymer structure

H I Baqasah1, F He1, M A Khan1, M Asif2 and K A Khan3
1Cranfield University, UK
2Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
3Khalifa University, UAE

Development and characterisation of fibre-optic acoustic emission sensors

J O Willberry, G Fernando
and M Papaelias
The University of Birmingham, UK


Improving the imaging performance of non-standard arrays

J Kirkpatrick1, J Potter2, R Smith1 and P Wilcox1
1University of Bristol, UK
2Verasonics, USA

Non-destructive testing of welded fatigue specimens of a bucket wheel excavator

A Maropoulos3, S Papanikolaou1,2, D Fasnakis1, D Giagopoulos1,
S Maropoulos2
and T Theodoulidis1
1University of Western Macedonia, Greece
2Technological Institute of West Macedonia, Greece
3Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Fit-for-service evaluation of cast manganese railway crossings using combined acoustic emission and finite element analysis techniques

N Cheputeh1, P Vallely1,2,
S Kaenwunruen1 and M Papaelias1
1The University of Birmingham, UK
2Network Rail, UK


Ultrasonic phased array inspection of the fully-automated multi-pass weld with an intentionally ‎embedded tungsten rod

Y Javadi, E Mohseni,
M Vasilev, D Lines,
C MacLeod, R Vithanage,
Z Qiu, R Zimermann,
C Loukas, E Foster,
G Pierce and A Gachagan
University of Strathclyde, UK

An MCDM framework for the classification of features from ultrasonic images of plastic pipe welds

H Yusuf1,2, G Panoutsos2
and C Nageswaran1
1TWI Ltd, UK
2The University of Sheffield, UK 

Flexible thin-film ultrasonic transducer development for couplant-free high-temperature monitoring

D Irving, H Trodden and D Hughes
Novosound Ltd, UK


Defect amplitude response approximation using TCG-calibrated CIVA simulation of PAUT inspection

M McInnes1, R O’Leary1,
A Gachagan1 and A Glover2
1University of Strathclyde, UK
2QinetiQ Ltd, UK

In-situ non-contact pressure measurement of sealed units using acoustic methods

E Sharp and S Dixon
University of Warwick, UK

Geometrical acoustics of Lamb waves

V V Krylov
Loughborough University, UK


Conference close for the day

19.30 for 20.00

Pre-dinner drinks
– Ironbridge 1

Conference dinner
– Ironbridge 1