Programme 5 September 2019

The International Centre, Telford, UK 

Thursday 5 September


– Exhibition Hall 3 Foyer
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Exhibition Hall 3


Plenary Paper –
The restoration of Merchant Navy-class 'Canadian Pacific' and an update on NDT requirements for heritage railway boilers
R Peacock and Professor R A Smith, Mid Hants Railway Ltd Watercress Line, UK
Chair: Professor R Smith, University of Bristol, UK
Room: Ironbridge 3
Session 5A

Ironbridge 3

Session 5B

Wenlock 1 & 2

Session 5C

Wenlock 3 & 4
 RCNDE Showcase: Optical
and other methods

Chair: Dr C MacLeod


Chair: Professor A Croxford
or Professor P Wilcox


Chair: Professor A Peyton


Characterisation of a structured light probe system designed for internal pipework inspection

W Jackson1, G Dobie1,
C MacLeod1, F Caldwell1
and C Forester2
1University of Strathclyde, UK
2Inspection Hire, UK

Development of standards for full matrix capture/total focusing method ultrasonic technique

C Wassink
Eddyfi Technologies, Canada

Using ACFM to inspect high-temperature line welds

M Smith
Eddyfi Technologies, UK


SH1 for high-resolution and accurate guided wave tomography mapping of corrosion at pipe supports

A A E Zimmermann1, P Huthwaite1 and B Pavlakovic2
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College UK
2Guided Ultrasonics Ltd, UK

Inspection of irregularly shaped welds using adaptive TFM imaging

O Roy, D Leitao and L Le Ber
Eddify Technologies, France

Improvements in the inspection of rail tank cars using ACFM

M Smith1, H Sadek2 and C Meeker3
1Eddyfi Technologies, UK
2Eddyfi Technologies, USA
3Union Tank Car Company, USA


Appraising near-surface material integrity using electrochemical jet processing

A Speidel
University of Nottingham, UK

Multimode TFM imaging for weld inspection

K Sy and O Roy
Eddyfi Technologies, France

Innovative development of NDT techniques for the inspection of high-temperature plant components

A Shibli and D Robertson
European Technology Development, UK


Tea and Coffee
– Exhibition Hall 3


Plenary Paper – Changing 1000 small things – How we are working for diversity and inclusion in NDT
K Kirk, Chair, BINDT Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group
Chair: J Hansen
Room: Ironbridge 3

Session 6A

Ironbridge 3

Session 6B

Wenlock 1 & 2

Session 6C

Wenlock 3 & 4

In-service inspection

Chair: C Bull

Chair: Professor A Croxford or Professor P Wilcox

Chair: Professor A Peyton


Inspection for corrosion at trunnion pipe supports

H R Peramatzis1 and C Scales2
1ESR Technology, UK

2D and 3D ultrasound imaging of crack-like defects with a fast reconstruction algorithm in the Fourier domain

S Robert1, L Merabet1, F Cartier1 and C Prada2
1CEA-LIST, France
2Institut Langevin, ESPCI Paris, France

The high-voltage spark testing method for protective and functional dielectric coatings on a conductive substrate. Increasing sensitivity and results reliability

V A Syasko and A S Musikhin
Constanta Ltd, Russia


Inspection of corrosion under pipe supports (CUPS)

S F Burch and H R Peramatzis
ESR Technology, UK

Benefits of PWI weld inspection for attenuative materials

A Caulder1, G Dao1, N Laroche2, E Carcreff2, Z Xu2, D Braconnier2 and C Thibau1
1Advanced OEM Solutions, USA
2The Phased Array Company, West Chester, USA

Pulsed eddy currents for estimation of remaining ligament under steel corrosion scabs

V Demers-Carpentier, M Rochette,
S Champagne, D Deschatelets, M M Sisto
and A Potvin
Eddyfi Technologies, Canada

L Rouff will present this paper


Moisture detection imaging (MDI) for CUI inspection programs

B Anderson
Acuren Inspection, Texas

Fully flexible thin-film ultrasonic array for use in industrial NDE applications

B Rocks, D Irving, F Gaudenzi and D Allan Hughes
Novosound Ltd, UK

The use of the electrical potential drop method for the non-destructive determination of creep induced damage in pressure vessel components at elevated temperatures

A Wojcik1, M Waitt2, A Santos2 and A Shibli3
1University College London, UK
2Matelect Ltd, UK
3European Technology Development, UK


The methodology of wall thickness measurements using guided wave modes

D Alleyne
Guided Ultrasonics, UK

Simulation of ultrasonic phased array inspection of CANDU pressure tubes

H Zhao, A Gachagan
and G Dobie
University of Strathclyde, UK

Simulation of eddy current testing of steam generator tubes with wears and secondary side magnetite deposits

J M Decitre, T Sollier, A Vigneron
and E Demaldent
IRSN, France
CEA-LIST, France


Unique challenges of performing NDE behind the reactor vessel lower internals thermal shield
M Goodman
WesDyne, Sweden

Limitations and challenges of ultrasonic measurements in petroleum derivatives

J H Kern, G Ptaszek, W Guo
and V Seelan

Establishment of a non-invasive electromagnetic method for monitoring of blood-glucose concentration

N Karimian
University of Tehran, Iran


Quantitative electromagnetic measurements of in-service systems

G Finch
National Physical Laboratory



Application of EM method for non-destructive testing and restoration of archaeological sites

N Karimian
University of Tehran, Iran


Conference Close and Prize Award Ceremony
– Exhibition Hall 3


Hot Lunch
– Exhibition Hall 3