The methodology of wall thickness measurements using guided wave modes

D Alleyne
Guided Ultrasonics, Wavemaker House, Brentford, London TW8 8HQ, UK 

One of the most pressing integrity problems today is the corrosion that develops at locations that are not readily accessible. An example is corrosion under pipe support (CUPS), which can go undetected and lead to failure. Pipelines typically have hidden locations every few metres, therefore a large proportion of ageing pipelines potentially have huge numbers of positions with unknown corrosion risks. The methodology of a quantitative short range (QSR) guided wave measuring device is explained and results from tests on operational piping are used to elucidate the capability and scope of the theory used in this technology. The probability of detection (POD) of the technology is also reliant on inspector expertise and performance and this talk will outline the imperative for effective and structured training followed by managed mentoring. The primary objective is to provide accurate and reliable results to industry.