Programme Tuesday 10 July 2018

10-13 July 2018 Hilton Manchester Deansgate, Manchester, UK 

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Monday 9 July 2018
 Registration – Hotel Foyer
 Welcome Drink Reception – Cloud 23 Sky Bar: 23rd floor

Tuesday 10 July 2018

 Registration – Hotel Foyer
 Opening Ceremony – Title to be confirmed
 Chair: Professor C Soutis and Dr M Gresil
 Room A: Deansgate Suites 2 & 3

 Keynote Lecture – SHM for IIOT
 Professor F K Chang, Stanford University
 Room A: Deansgate Suites 2 & 3

 Tea, Coffee and Exhibition

Aerospace structures 1

Chairs: Oscar D'almeida and Benjamin Eckstein
Room A: Deansgate Suites 2 & 3
Guided waves 1

Chairs: Paul Fromme and Maria Moix-Bonnet
Room B: Deansgate Suite 1
Structured Session:

Chairs: Branko Glisic and Daniele Zonta
Room C: Deansgate Meeting Rooms 2, 3 & 4


Chairs: Gareth Pierce and Frederic Cegla
Room D: Deansgate Meeting Rooms 8 & 9
Bridge monitoring 1

Chairs: Luis Eduardo Mujica Delgado and Vincent Lecam
Room E: Deansgate Boardroom
Wireless SHM system 1

Chairs: Michael Hinderdael and Byeongjin Park
Room F: Deansgate Meeting Room 1
[0021] Design of a UGW SHM sensor system for L-39NG aircraft

T Marczi and P Raso
Honeywell International, Prague, Czech Republic

[0165] Efficient modelling of guided ultrasonic waves using the scaled boundary FEM towards SHM of composite pressure vessels

Y Lugovtsova1, J Bulling1, J Prager1 and C Boller2
1Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), Berlin, Germany
2Saarland University, Germany

[0008] An improved dynamic probability mixture model for damage monitoring under varying structural boundary conditions

F Fang, L Qiu, S Yuan and Y Wang
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

[0013] Coded sequences for simultaneous acquisition of data from multiple EMAT coils

F B Cegla
Imperial College London, UK

[0130] Structural health monitoring
network in British Columbia, Canada

Y Kaya1, A Mendler2 and C Ventura2
1British Columbia Ministry of Transportation
and Infrastructure, Canada
2University of British Columbia, Vancouver,

Paper withdrawn

[0027] Full-scale testing of an ultrasonic guided wave-based structural health monitoring system for thermoplastic composite aircraft primary structure

P Ochôa, R M Groves and R Benedictus
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

[0011] Predictive simulation of guided wave structural health monitoring in metallic and composite structures

V Giurgiutiu
University of South Carolina, Columbia,

[0016] Surrogate modelling for observation likelihood calculation in a particle filter framework for automated diagnosis and prognosis

C Sbarufatti, F Cadini, A Locatelli and M Giglio
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

[0182] A novel damage detection technique utilising embedded sensing of magnetostrictive carbon fibre-reinforced polymer composites

A Hall1, M l Coatney1, N Bradley1, J H Yoo2, B Williams3 and
O Myers3
1US Army Research Laboratory, Maryland, USA
2US Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), USA
3Clemson University, USA

[0086] Structural health monitoring using a GPS sensor network

N Manzini1,2, A Orcesi1, C Thom3, A Clément6, S Botton4, M Ortiz5 and J Dumoulin7
2SITES SAS, Malmaison, France
3IGN, LOEMI, Saint-Mandé, France
4IGN, ENSG, Marne la Vallée, France
5IFSTTAR, GEOLOC, Bouguenais, France
6SITES SAS, Dardilly, France
Bordeaux, France

[0145] Wireless noise characteristic on gearboxes due to speed variation

P Raharjo, Y Sofyan and T M Arif
State Polytechnics of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


[0034] Aircraft engine possession cost reduction with structural health monitoring

J Coupard, A Garnier and J Lacaille
Safran Aircraft Engines, France

[0188] Numerical analysis of Lamb
wave propagation in a periodically stiffened CFRP plate for impact damage detection

P Deng, O Saito and Y Okabe
University of Tokyo, Japan

[0029] Adaptation and implementation
of probability of detection (POD)-based fault diagnosis in elastic structures through vibration-based SHM approach

D A Ameyaw, S Rothe and D Söffker
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

[0056] Evaluation of the long-term stability of guided wave EMAT transducers for SHM applications

B Herdovics and F B Cegla
Imperial College London, UK

[0152] Development of
MEMS-based sensors for bridge scour

Y-B Lin1, K-C Chang2 and X-Q Liu1
1National Center for Research on
Earthquake Engineering, Taiwan
2National Taiwan University, Taiwan

[0351] Shaping the future of structural health monitoring with IOT sensors

D Parsy and M-Y Jaouadi
Beanair GmbH, Berlin, Germany


[0045] Application of piezoelectric
transducers and resistance strain
gauges for SHM of a metallic integral
stiffened airframe panel

R Růžek1, T Marczi2 and P Kucharský1
1VZLÚ – Czech Aerospace Research
Centre, Prague, Czech Republic
2Honeywell International, Prague, Czech

[0051] A novel high-density piezoelectric
sensing capability for in-situ modal
decomposition of acoustic emissions

N Rajic1, C Rosalie1, S Van der Velden1,
L R Francis Rose1, J Smithard1
and W K Chiu2
1Aerospace Division, Defence Science and
Technology Group, Melbourne, Australia
2Monash University, Clayton, Australia

[0091] System identification method
using extended Kalman filter with
optimised P0, Q and R

D-Y Yun1, H-B Shim2 and H-S Park1
1University Seoul, Korea
2Research & Development Institute,
Seoul, Republic of Korea
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This slot is available for a late

This slot is available for a late


Lunch – Three-course lunch with wine

Aerospace structures 2

Chairs: Nobuo Takeda and Kathryn Atherton
Room A: Deansgate Suites 2 & 3

Guided waves 2

Chairs: Victor Giurgiutiu and Francis Rose
Room B: Deansgate Suite 1

Structured Session:

Chairs: Branko Glisic and Daniele Zonta
Room C: Deansgate Meeting Rooms 2, 3 & 4

Machine learning and pattern recognition 1

Chairs: Elizabeth Cross and Emanuel Ramasso
Room D: Deansgate Meeting Rooms 8 & 9

Bridge monitoring 2

Chairs: Hoon Sohn and Shenfang Yuan
Room E: Deansgate Boardroom

SHM for railroads

Chairs: Claus-Peter Fritzen and Angel Torres-Perez
Room F: Deansgate Meeting Room 1


[0079] Optical fibre sensor-based aircraft structural health monitoring

K Saito1, T Itoh1, N Hirano1, T Wakayama1, N Takeda2, N Sawai2 and S Minakuchi3
1Aerospace Company, Gifu, Japan
2R&D Institute of Metals and Composites
for Future Industries,
Tokyo, Japan
3Graduate School of Frontier Sciences,
Chiba, Japan

[0233] Experimental estimation of the dispersion characteristics of Lamb waves

J Kathol and C-P Fritzen
Universität Siegen, Fakultät IV, Siegen,

[0094] The consequences of heuristic distortions on SHM-based decision problems

A Verzobio1, D Bolognani2, J Quigley1 and D Zonta1,2
1University of Strathclyde, UK
2University of Trento, Italy

[0071] Damage detection in composite aero-structures from strain and telemetry data fusion by means of pattern recognition techniques

J Sierra-Perez and J Alvarez-Montoya
Universidad Pontificia, Colombia

[0167] Effects of vehicle-induced bridge
vibration on nearby structures

B-H Lee1, F-Y Yeh1, Y-C Sung2
and K-C Chang3
1National Center for Research on
Earthquake Engineering, Taiwan
2Department of Civil Engineering, National
Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
3Department of Civil Engineering, National
Taiwan University, Taiwan

[0231] Longitudinal strain monitoring
in rails using distributed and discrete

C Barker1, N A Hoult1 and M Zhang2
1Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada
2National Research Council of Canada,
Ottawa, Canada


[0114] Landing gear structural health monitoring (SHM)

C Forrest, C Forrest and D Wiser
ES3 Inc, USA

[0166] Shaped sensor for material agnostic Lamb waves direction of arrival (DoA) estimation

L De Marchi, M Dibiase, N Testoni
and A Marzani
University of Bologna, Italy

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[0088] Convolutional neural networks
for the detection of damaged fasteners
in engineering structures

T J Gibbons1, S G Pierce2, K Worden1
and I Antoniadou1
1University of Sheffield, UK
2University of Strathclyde, UK

[0354] Structural health monitoring of long-span bridges: separation of wind, temperature and traffic effects on the Forth Road Bridge

D Tung Nguyen1, X Meng1, J S Owen1,
Y Xie1, P Psimoulis1, G Ye2, B Valentine3
and P Madden3
1University of Nottingham, UK
2UbiPOS UK Ltd, Nottingham, UK
3Amey plc, UK

[0266] Compressive sensing for
vibration signals in high-speed rail

Y-Q Ni and S-X Chen
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Hong Kong


[0122] Damage index for an RPA structure by a fibre optic-based SHM system

A Güemes1, A Fernandez-Lopez1, M Frovel2, J M Pintado2, J Garcia-Ramirez1, E Reyes1 and P L Pariente2
1Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Madrid, Spain
2INTA, Spanish National Institute for Aerospace Research, Madrid, Spain

[0048] Analytical solutions for active and passive monitoring of structural damage in fibre-composite laminates

L R Francis Rose1, W K Chiu2, N Nadarajah2 and B S Vien2
1Aerospace Division, Defence Science and Technology Group, Melbourne, Australia
2Monash University, Clayton, Australia

[0142] A probability density function for uncertainty quantification in the failure forecast method

M D Todd1, M Leung2 and J Corcoran2
1University of California, San Diego, USA
2Imperial College London, UK

[0093] Outlier ensembles: an alternative robust method for inclusive outlier analysis with structural health monitoring data

L Bull, K Worden, G Manson and N Dervilis
University of Sheffield, UK

[0292] Structural evaluation of the rehabilitation of a stayed bridge using an SHM system

FJ Carrión1, J A Quintana1, S E Crespo2, J A Hernández1, H M Gasca1 and L A Martinez1
1Instituto Mexicano del Transporte,
Escobedo, Mexico
2ITESM-CQ, Mexico

[0193] Novel rail stress measurement technique using piezospectroscopy

N Kim, H-B Yun and J-J Lee
Sejong University, Republic of Korea


[0146] Recent development of optical fibre sensor-based structural health monitoring and in-process monitoring of CFRP structures in Japan

N Takeda and S Minakuchi
The University of Tokyo, Japan

[0041] Corrosion monitoring using high-frequency
guided waves

P Fromme
University College London, UK

[0218] Bayesian operational modal analysis of offshore rock lighthouses for SHM

J M W Brownjohn1, S-K Au2, X Wang2,
Z Zhu2, A Raby3 and A Antonini3
1University of Exeter, UK
2University of Liverpool, UK
3University of Plymouth, UK

[0104] Application of machine learning techniques for the fatigue life estimation of critical components

A M Moura1, P J Antunes1, J C Viana1,
G R Dias1, B Serrano2, D Duarte2, J Cardoso2, R Basto2, F Machado2, V Infante3 and C Mills4
1Critical Materials SA, Portugal
2CIDIUM, CIAFA, Academia da Força
Aérea, Pero, Pinheiro, Portugal
3IDMEC, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
4Curtiss-Wright, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

[0313] A deep learning-based framework for bridge load rating estimation

A Pamuncak, I Laory and A Jesus
University of Warwick, UK

[0342] Compressive sensing for high-speed rail condition monitoring using redundant dictionary and joint reconstruction

S X Chen and Y Q Ni
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


[0288] Optimal location of a fibre optic-based
sensing net for SHM applications using a digital twin

I Kressel1, U Ben-Simon1, S Shoham1, G Don-Yehiya1, S Sheinkman2, R Davidi3 and M Tur3
1Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel
2IAF, Israel
3Tel-Aviv University, Israel

[0237] Temperature compensation for damage detection in composite structures using guided waves

M Moix-Bonet1, B Eckstein2 and P Wierach1
1German Aerospace Centre, Braunschweig,
2Airbus Operations GmbH, Bremen,

[0226] A Bayesian network approach to
assess underwater scour around bridge

A Maroni1, E Tubaldi1, J Douglas1,
N Ferguson1, D Zonta1, H McDonald2,
E Greenoak3, D Walker2 and C Green3
1University of Strathclyde, UK
2Transport Scotland, Glasgow, UK
3Network Rail Scotland Route, Glasgow,

[0107] Recurrent neural networks for identification of acoustic wave

M Haile, C Hsu, N Bradley and J Chen
US Army Research Laboratory,
Maryland, USA

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This slot is available for a late submission

Paper withdrawn

[0248] Experimental validation of simulation tools for Lamb wave-based structural health monitoring

O Mesnil, A Imperiale, E Demaldent, B Chapuis and T Druet
CEA LIST, Saclay, France

[0096] Subspace projections to localise damage: a comparative model error robustness study

D V Muff and M D Ulriksen
Aalborg University, Esbjerg, Denmark

[0135] A semi-supervised Bayesian non-parametric approach to damage

T J Rogers1, K Worden1, R Fuentes1, N Dervilis1, U T Tygesen2 and E J Cross1
1Sheffield University, UK
2Ramboll Oil & Gas, Esbjerg, Denmark
This slot is available for a late submission
This slot is available for a late submission

Tea, Coffee and Exhibition

Aerospace structures 3

Chairs: Christian Boller and Antonio Fernandez-Lopez
Room A: Deansgate Suites 2 & 3

Guided waves 3

Chairs: Wiesław Ostachowicz and Francis Rose

Room B: Deansgate Suite 1

Structured Session:

Chairs: Michael Todd and Daniele Zonta
Room C: Deansgate Meeting Rooms 2, 3 & 4

SHM applications

Chairs: Alfredo Guemes and Matthieu Gresil
Room D: Deansgate Meeting Rooms 8 & 9

Structured Session:
Vibration-based damage assessment for civil engineering structures

Chairs: Zhongqing Su and Constantinos Soutis
Room E: Deansgate Boardroom

Structured Session:
Strain-based SHM

Chairs: Branko Glisic and Marcus Perry
Room F: Deansgate Meeting Room 1


[0243] Overview of the F-35 structural prognostics and health management system

I G Hebden1, A M Crowley2 and W Black3
1BAE Systems, UK
2BAE Systems, USA
3Lockheed Martin, USA

[0264] The influence of global and local
temperature variation on elastic guided
wave excitation, propagation and

J Moll1, A A Eremin2,3 and M V Golub2
1Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main,
2Kuban State University, Krasnodar, Russia
3Helmut-Schmidt-University, Hamburg,

[0136] A probabilistic framework for
forward model-driven SHM

P Gardner, C Lord and R J Barthorpe
University of Sheffield, UK

[0035] Rate-based structural health
monitoring using permanently installed

J Corcoran, M Leung and P Cawley
Imperial College London, UK

[0084] The effect of environmental and
operational variabilities on damage
detection in wind turbine blades

T Bull1, M D Ulriksen1 and D Tcherniak2
1Aalborg University, Denmark
2Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration
Measurement, Denmark

[0158] Evaluation of error of deformed
shape determined from strain
measurements and double integration
of curvature

D Sigurdardottir1 and B Glisic2
1Ramboll, Stockholm, Sweden
2Princeton University, Jersey, USA


[0156] Health and usage monitoring of INTA MALE UAV

M Frovel1, A Fernandez-Lopez2, M E Reyes2, J García2, J M Pintado1, M de la Torre1, P L Pariente1 and F Terroba1
1INTA, Spanish National Institute for
Aerospace Research, Madrid, Spain
2ETSIAE, Aerospace School of Madrid
Polytechnic University, Spain

[0316] Guided wave-based defect
imaging in composite plates under
temperature-varying environment

B Chapuis1, A Kulakovskyi1,2, X Artusi1,
O Mesnil1 and O D’Almeida2
1CEA LIST, Saclay, France
2Safran Tech, Magny-Lès-Hameaux, France

[0126] Structural system identification
using sum of squares (SOS)
optimisation for minimising modal dynamic residuals

D Li, X Dong and Y Wang
Georgia Institute of Technology,
Atlanta, USA

[0140] Proposal for an industrial
structural health monitoring system
based on ultrasound signal

G Aranguren1, J Etxaniz1, S Cantero2,3, M K Malik2,3, F M de la Escalera3 and Y Essa3
1Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU),
Bilbao, Spain
2The University of Nottingham, UK
3Aernnova Engineering Division, Madrid, Spain

[0190] Modal strain-based damage
identification of two pre-stressed
concrete beams under different prestressing

D Anastasopoulos, G De Roeck
and E P B Reynders
Department of Civil Engineering, University
of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium

[0348] Empirical mode decomposition for operational modal analysis of structures

M S Rahman
Vibration Engineer, Canada


[0309] Feature extraction for aerospace
compressor blade repair and overhaul
using a high-speed data acquisition

R French, W Yeadon, H Marin-Reyes
and M Benakis
University of Sheffield, UK

[0318] A simplex guided wave communication system using oil industry multi-wire cables

G Trane1, R Mijarez2, R Guevara2
and A Pérez1
1Tecnologico de Monterrey, Morelos,
2Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas,
Gerencia de Control, Morelos, México

[0303] Modular Bayesian damage detection for civil structures: a proof of concept case study

A Jesus1, P Brommer1, R Westgate2,
K Koo2, J M W Brownjohn2 and I Laory1
1University of Warwick, UK
2University of Exeter, UK

[0261] Enterprise risk-informed technology transfer for SHM technology

M D Smith
US Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi, USA

[0252] Sub-soil stress reconstruction for fatigue monitoring of offshore wind turbine using accelerometers on the tower

M Henkel, N Noppe, W Weijtjens and C Devriendt
Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, Belgium

[0276] Mechanochromic response of 3D composite photonic crystals by numerical simulation

V Piccolo1, A Vaccari2, A Chiappini3, C Armellini3, L Deseri1,4,5, M Ferrari3 and D Zonta6,3
1DICAM–University of Trento, Italy
2Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy
3IFN-CNR CSMFO, Trento, Italy
4University of Pittsburgh, USA
5Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
6University of Strathclyde, UK


[0279] In-flight load determination in critical structure elements based on an operational load monitoring system

A Kurnyta, W Zieliński, P Reymer, M Dziendzikowski and K Dragan
Air Force Institute of Technology, Warszawa, Poland

[0345] Damage detection methodology for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications based on multi-frequency anti-symmetric guided waves

S Pant1, M Martinez2,3, M Yanishevsky1 and D Backman1
1National Research Council Canada, Ontario, Canada
2Clarkson University, Potsdam, USA
3Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

[0341] Preliminary validation of deterministic and probabilistic risk assessment of fatigue failures using experimental results

R Torregosa and W Hu
Aerospace Division, Defence Science and
Technology Group, Victoria, Australia

[0347] iPerm: a permanent guided wave pipeline monitoring tool for the oil & gas industry

A Dhutti1, B Hernandez2, J Kanfoud1, P Mudge2 and T-H Gan1,2
1Brunel University London, UK
2TWI Ltd, Cambridge, UK

[0284] Vibration-based damage identification for the S101 bridge
benchmark bridge: a comparison of

P F Giordano1, A Fathi2 and M P Limongelli1
1Politecnico di Milano, Italy
2Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

[0338] 3D printed smart repairs for civil infrastructure

C Vlachakis, L Biondi and M Perry
University of Strathclyde, UK


[0366] Mechanics-based predictive NDE of composites and structures: towards next generation NDE/SHM

Y Dzenis and R Vernon McBroom
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

[0246] Selective guided wave
generation in a two-dimensional

V Serey1,2, N Quaegebeur1, P Micheau1, P Masson1, M Castaings2 and M Renier2
1GAUS, Université de Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
2I2M, Université de Bordeaux, Talence, France

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[0358] A study on guided wave tomographic imaging for defects on a curved structure

J Park, Y Cho and D Kang
Pusan National University, Korea

This slot is available for a late submission
[0254] Formulation of 3D temperature
signatures for temperature-driven structural health monitoring

J Reilly and B Glisic
Princeton University, USA


Welcome buffet – Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI)
Buffet and wine

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