Programme Wednesday 11 July 2018

10-13 July 2018 Hilton Manchester Deansgate, Manchester, UK 

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 Registration – Hotel Foyer
 Keynote Lecture – Extreme values and extreme functions for SHM
 Professor K Worden, Sheffield University
 Room A: Deansgate Suites 2 & 3

 Keynote Lecture – SHM–OEM supplier challenges and perspective
 O D'Almeida and R Hadjria, Safran
 Room A: Deansgate Suites 2 & 3

 Tea, Coffee and Exhibition

materials and
structures 1

Chairs: FK Chang and Zahra Sharif-Khodaei
Room A: Deansgate
Suites 2 & 3
SHM for civil engineering 1

Chair: Chairs: Alessandro Antonini and Dimitris Saravanos
Room B:
Suite 1

Chairs: Francesco Ciampa and Ribelito Torregosa
Room C: Deansgate Meeting Rooms
2, 3 & 4
Signal processing and imaging 1

Chairs: Paul Fromme and Matthew Pearson
Room D: Deansgate Meeting Rooms
8 & 9

Structured Session:
Case studies and
theoretical developments
in quantifying the
value of SHM

Chairs: Piotr Omenzetter and Sebastian Thons
Room E: Deansgate Boardroom

[0023] Multi-guided wave feature extraction and data fusion in residual life predication of composite laminates

C Zhang, H Ji, J Qiu and Z Zhang
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

[0001] Machine-aided rapid visual evaluation of non-structural components of building façades

J Choi, C M Yeum,
S J Dyke,
M Jahanshahi, F Pena and G W Park
Purdue University, Indianna, USA

[0028] Numerical investigation of non-collinear guided wave mixing in the case of contact non-linearity

P Blanloeuil1, L R Francis Rose2, M Veidt3 and C H Wang1
1University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
2Aerospace Division, Defence Science and Technology Group, Melbourne, Australia
3University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

[0026] Morphorider: a new way for structural monitoring via the shape acquisition with a mobile device equipped with an inertial node of sensors

T Stanko, N Saguin-Sprynski, L Jouanet, S Hahmann and G-P Bonneau
Université Grenoble Alpes, France

[0105] A case study in quantifying the economic benefit of a live strain monitoring campaign for a short-span pre-stressed concrete bridge

P Omenzetter1, P Moyo2 and J M W Brownjohn3
1The University of Aberdeen, UK
2The University of Cape Town,
South Africa
3The University of Exeter, UK


[0037] Damage localisation in composite plates using canonical polyadic decomposition of Lamb wave difference signals tensor

M Rébillat and N Mechbal
Hesam Université, Paris, France

[0018] Coda wave interferometry used to detect loads and cracks in a concrete structure under field conditions
X Wang and E Niederleithinger
Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), Germany

[0044] Phononic crystal sensing devices for enhanced non-linear ultrasonic inspection

F Ciampa1 and A Marini2
1University of Bath, UK
2University of L'Aquila, Italy

[0030] Integration of algorithms for damage detection in thermoplastic materials inside electronic embedded devices

G Azuara, E Barrera and M Ruiz,
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

[0148] User interface development for model-based data interpretation

S G S Pai, Y Reuland and I F C Smith
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland


[0040] Dual PZT sizing for mode decomposition on a composite anisotropic plate

E Lize1, M Rébillat2, N Mechbal2 and C Bolzmacher1
1CEA, LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette CEDEX, France
2ParisTech, France

[0066] Performance of an H∞ estimation-based damage localisation approach in the context of automated structural health monitoring

S Wernitz, D Pache, T Grießmann and R Rolfes
Leibniz Universitat, Hannover, Germany

[0133] CFRP composites with embedded PZT transducers for non-linear ultrasonic inspection of space structures

C Andreades and F Ciampa
University of Bath, UK

[0038] Automated extraction of local defect resonance for efficient non-destructive testing of composites

J Segers1, E C Verboven1, S Hedayatrasa1,2, G Poelman1, J Calderon1, W V Paepegem1 and M Kersemans1
1Ghent University, Zwijnaarde, Belgium
2SIM Program M3 DETECT-IV, Zwijnaarde, Belgium

[0168] Quantifying the value of SHM for wind turbine blades

J S Nielsen1, D Tcherniak2 and M D Ulriksen3
1Department of Civil Engineering,
2Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement, Denmark
3Aalborg University, Denmark


[0042] Guided wave propagation and scattering in aerospace composite panels

P Fromme
University College London, UK

[0070] Monitoring and control of mechanical tensions during the struts removal process of the cantilever structure: ‘Museum of Tomorrow’, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

J P F M De Souza1, F G Da Costa2 and R J F Bauer1
1Souza/Costa, Brazil
2Falcão Bauer Quality Control Centre Brazil

[0199] Quantification of subsurface cracks in a thin aluminium beam by the use of non-linear guided wave theory: a numerical and model-based approach

S Gschossmann, T Oberascher and M Schagerl
Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria

[0047] Impact-induced strain wave detection using a robust feature extraction method

A Beligni1, G Musotto1, C Sbarufatti1, K Dragan2, I Di Luch1, M Ferrario1 and M Giglio1
1Politecnico di Milano, Italy
2Air Force Institute of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

[0212] SHM case study: molten salt tank monitoring for highly efficient centralised solar power plants

T Grandal1,2 and A Zornoza1
1AIMEN Technology Centre, Porriño, Spain
2City, University of London, London, UK

[0141] Experimental application of Lamb wave-based SHM system to complex composite material structures

A Sorrentino1, A De Fenza2, F Romano1 and U Mercurio1
1Italian Aerospace Research Centre – CIRA, Capua, Italy
2University of Naples, Italy

[0080] Performance of sensor placement strategies used in system
identification based on modal expansion

M M Jaya1, R Ceravolo1, E Matta1 and L Z Fragonara2
1Politecnico di Torino, Italy
2Cranfield University, UK

[0278] Detecting delaminations in composites through active wave modulation spectroscopy: analytical investigation of critical non-linear mechanisms

C S Rekatsinas, N A Chrysochoidis and D A Saravanos
University of Patras, Greece

[0050] Passive monitoring and location of impact events using in-situ modal decomposition

N Nadarajah1, W K Chiu1, L R Francis Rose2, N Rajic2, S van der Velden2, C Rosalie2 and J Smithard2
1Monash University, Clayton, Australia
2Aerospace Division, Defence Science and Technology Group, Melbourne, Australia

[0375] The effects of SHM system parameters on the value of damage detection information

L Long1,2, S Thöns1,2 and M Döhler3
1BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany
2Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby

3University Rennes, France

[0187] Novel distributed sensing optical fibres in composite cylinders for impact damage detection

I-B Kwon1, D-C Seo1, D-J Yoon1 and B-H Choi2
1Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
2Dong-A University, Busan, Republic of Korea

[0095] Damage detection in a reinforced concrete slab using outlier analysis

B A Qadris1, D Tcherniak2, M D Ultiksen1 and L Damkilde1
1Aalborg University, Esbjerg, Denmark
2Bruel & Kjær Sound & Vibration, Nærum, Denmark

This slot is available for a late submission
[0054] Analytical, numerical and experimental formulation of the sensor placement optimisation problem for guided waves

R Soman, P Malinowski, P Kudel and W Ostachowicz
Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery of Polish Academy of Sciences, Gdansk, Poland

[0223] Storey-based identification of multi-storey buildings: an alternative to modal identification

E Safak and E Cakti
Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey


Lunch – Three-course lunch with wine

materials and
structures 2

Chairs: Jens Prager and Yuris Dzenis
Room A: Deansgate
Suites 2 & 3

SHM for civil engineering 2

Chairs: Keith Worden and Neil Hoult
Room B:
Suite 1

emission 1

Chairs: Michelle Salvia and Marcias Martinez
Room C: Deansgate Meeting Rooms
2, 3 & 4

Signal processing and imaging 2

Chairs: Claudio Sbarufatti and Eduardo Barrera
Room D: Deansgate Meeting Rooms
8 & 9

Nanosensors for SHM

Chairs: Zhongqing Su and Matthieu Gresil
Room E: Deansgate

SHM technology for wind turbines 1

Chairs: Eleni Chatzi and Abhishek Kundu
Room F: Deansgate
Meeting Room 1


[0129] Determination of the orthotropic viscoelastic tensor of composites by means of the pulsed ultrasonic polar scan

A A D Martens1, J G S Daemen1, M Kersemans2, E C Verboven2, S B M Delrue1, W van Paepegem2 and K E A van den Abeele1
1Wave Propagation and Signal Processing (WPSP), Kortrijk, Belgium
2Ghent University, Zwijnaarde, Belgium

[0100] Frequency-domain damage detection of seismically-excited buildings

C-M Chang1 and S-K Huang2
1National Taiwan University, Taiwan
2National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, Taipei, Taiwan

[0134] Damage identification in a tubular composite/metal joint through chronology-based robust clustering of acoustic emissions

N Chandarana1, E Ramasso2, Z Wu1, J Bernard3, J Pethick3, P Chatzi3, C Soutis1 and M Gresil1
1The University of Manchester, UK
2FEMTO-ST Institute, Besançon, France
3UTC Aerospace Systems, Banbury, UK

[0063] Synthetic aperture focusing technique for correction of poorly-focused ultrasonic pressure tube inspection data

H Zhao, A Gachagan, G Dobie, C Wallace and G West
University of Strathclyde, UK

[0162] An inkjet-printed nanocomposite-inspired sensor network for acousto-ultrasonics-based structural health monitoring

Y Liao, P Zhou, L-M Zhou and Z Su
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

[0019] Analysis of changing environmental and operational conditions in a
radar-based SHM system for wind turbine blades

J Moll1, M Mälzer1, J Simon1, V Krozer1, C Kramer2, H Friedmann2, A Nuber2, R Salman3, D Pozdniakov3 and M Dürr4
1Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2Wölfel Engineering GmbH & Co KG,
Höchberg, Germany
3HF Systems Engineering GmbH & Co KG, Kassel, Germany

4Volta Windkraft GmbH, Ochsenfurt, Germany


[0317] Hybrid PZT-FBG guided elastic wave damage detection in composite plates

B Chapuis1, G Laffont1, N Roussel1, O Mesnil1 and O D’Almeida2
1CEA LIST, Saclay, France
2Safran Tech, Magny-lès-Hameaux, France

[0143] Input-output versus output-only modal identification of Baixo Sabor concrete arch dam

J Gomes1, S Pereira2, F Magalhães2, J Vieira Lemos1, Á Cunha2
1National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), Lisboa, Portugal
2University of Porto, Portugal

[0058] Improved signal processing of acoustic emissions for structural health monitoring using a data-driven approach

S F Wirtz and D Söffker
Universitat Duisburg-Essen, NRW Germany

[0077] A Bayesian time-of-flight estimation for ultrasonic damage detection

S Cantero-Chinchilla1,2, J Chiachío-Ruano1, M Chiachío-Ruano1, A Jones1, Y Essa2 and F M De La Escalera2
1The University of Nottingham, UK
2Aernnova Engineering Division SA, Madrid, Spain

[0289] Highly flexible ionic liquid capacitive sensor for aerodynamic pressure measurement

X Yang, X Qing and Y Wang
Xiamen University, China

[0064] Acoustic emission localisation using airborne sound:  where did the wind turbine rotor blades crack?

T Krause and J Ostermann
Universität Hannover, Germany


[0333] A repairable installation procedure for SHM sensors onto composite structures

N Yue, Z S Khodaei and M H Aliabadi
Imperial College London, UK

[0150] Inspection and structural assessment of hydraulic structures: visual, calculative, experimental

M Gutermann and B Koppe
University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany

[0113] Monitoring buried infrastructure deformation using acoustic emission

H J Heather-Smith, A Smith, N Dixon, J A Flint and J Wordingham
Loughborough University, UK

[0082] Condition assessment of structures using smartphones: a position independent multi-epoch imaging approach

R Kromanis and H Liang
Nottingham Trent University, UK

[0198] Crack propagation monitoring with carbon nanotube doped adhesive films on skin-stringer sub-elements

X X Fernández Sánchez-Romate1,2, Á R Pozo1, V Yokaribas3, J Kathol3, A Jiménez-Suárez1, R Moriche1, M Sánchez1, C-P Fritzen3, A Güemes2 and A Ureña1
1University of Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain
2Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Madrid, Spain
3Universität Siegen, Fakultät IV, Siegen, Germany

[0074] A study of rotational loads on the supporting structure of an onshore wind turbine by time-frequency analysis

K-C Lu1, J Chang1, Y-S Kuo2, W-C Tseng2, H-C Peng3 and Y-C Chen4
1National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, Taipei, Taiwan
2National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
3Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan
4Taiwan Power Company, Taichung, Taiwan


[0007] A flexible integrated impact monitoring system for aircraft composite structures

L Qiu1, S Yuan1, X Deng1, Y Huang2 and Y Ren1
1Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
2University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China

[0178] Distributed strain measurements for culvert assessment

Y Liu, N A Hoult and I D Moore
Queen’s University, Canada

[0204] Audible acoustics for detecting and locating damage in composite structures

M Pearson1, R Pullin1 and E Szigeti2
1Cardiff University, UK
2Airbus, UK

[0098] Autonomous surface inspection of wind turbine blades for quality assurance in production

R A Lyngby1, H Aanæs1, E Nielsen2 and A B Dahl1
1DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
2Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Aalborg Ost, Denmark

[0241] On the mechanical behaviour of a composite stiffener with inkjet-printed electronics

F Heinrich, T Genco and R Lammering
Helmut-Schmidt-University/University of the Federal Armed, Hamburg, Germany

[0090] Damage severity assessment of a laboratory wind turbine blade using a virus optimisation algorithm

H Turnbull and P Omenzetter
The University of Aberdeen, UK


[0003] Validation of a multifunctional hybrid piezo/temperature sensor for process and structural health monitoring of CFRP structures

M Scheerer1, Z Simon1, M Marischler1 and B Rittenschober2
1Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
2ALPEX GmbH, Austria

[0219] Application of fully-passive wireless sensors to the monitoring of reinforced concrete structure degradation

R Khalifeh1,2, B Lescop1, P Talbot1, S Rioual1 and F Gallée2
1Université de Bretagne, France
2Lab-STICC/MOM, France

[0209] Power spectral entropy (PSE) as a qualitative damage indicator

A K Das and C K Y Leung
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong

This slot is available for a late submission
[0285] Model-assisted study for deeper analysis of conductivity and piezoresistivity of nanocomposites and films with graphene nanoplatelets for smart structure application

V Yokaribas, P Friebertshäuser and C-P Fritzen
Universität Siegen, Fakultät IV, Siegen, Germany

[0123] QQ plot for assessment of Gaussian process wind turbine power curve error distribution function

R K Pandit and D Infield
University of Strathclyde, UK


[0368] Damage detection with ultrasonic guided waves under operational conditions
M Salmanpour, Z S Khodaei and M H Aliabadi
Imperial College London, UK

[0251] The socio-economic benefits of fibre optic strain-based SHM of critical infrastructure

M Lydon1, S Taylor1, D Lydon1 and B McFarland2
1Queen’s University, Belfast, UK
2McFarland Associates Ltd, Belfast, UK

[0059] High-speed data acquisition system for continuous acoustic emission monitoring and real-time signal processing using FPGA-based platform within a SHM framework

S F Wirtz, A P A Cunha, N Beganovic and D Söffker
Universitat Duisburg-Essen, NRW Germany

[0249] Using wavelet level variance and the discrete wavelet transform to monitor post-operative healing of vocal cords

M Civera1, C M Filosi2, N M Pugno3,4,5, M Silvestrini2, C Surace1 and K Worden6
1Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy
2Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari, Trento, Italy
3University of Trento, Trento, Italy
4Queen Mary University of London
5Italian Space Agency, Rome, Italy
6University of Sheffield

[0163] Health self-monitoring of nano-engineered composites with enhanced mechanical and electrical profiles

Y Li, Y Liao and Z Su
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

[0057] Investigations on fatigue, fracture mechanics and ultimate limit state of a wind turbine rotor blade – full scale testing, failure analysis and FEM simulations

H Friedmann1, T Grießmann2, S Kremling1, A Nuber1 and F Sayer3
1Woelfel Engineering GmbH + Co KG, Germany
2Leibniz Universitaet Hannover, Institut fuer Statik u Dynamik
3Fraunhofer IWES, Bremerhaven


Tea, Coffee and Exhibition

materials and
composite structures 3

Chairs: Olivier Mesnil and Rafik Hadjria
Room A: Deansgate
Suites 2 & 3

Structured Session:
Monitoring and
assessment of civil structure

Chairs: Eleni Chatzi and Ying Wang
Room B: Deansgate
Suite 1

Modelling and simulation for SHM

Chairs: Constantinos Soutis and Bastien Chapuis
Room F: Deansgate Meeting Room 1
Machine learning
and pattern
recognition 2

Chairs: Emmanuel Ramasso and Irwanda Laory
Room D: Deansgate Meeting Rooms
8 & 9


Chairs: Vincent Le Cam and Stefano Mariani
Room E: Deansgate Boardroom


[0334] RAPID scaling subtraction algorithm for composite patch repair

F Lambinet, Z S Khodaei and M H Aliabadi
Imperial College London, UK

[0151] Modal-based damage localisation on wind turbine blades under environmental variability

K Tatsis, V Dertimanis and E Chatzi
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

[0004] An abstract approach towards modelling intelligent structural systems

D Legatiuk and K Smarsly
Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

[0343] Prognostics of composite structures utilising structural health monitoring data fusion
N Eleftheroglou1, D Zarouchas1, R Alderliesten1, R Benedictus1 and Theodoros Loutas2
1Structural Integrity & Composites Group, Aerospace Engineering Faculty, Delft University of Technology, HS Delft, The Netherlands
2Applied Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, University of Patras, Greece

[0092] Design and implementation of embedded sensors based on electrical resistivity to determine water content profiles in thick concrete structures
J Badr1,2, Y Fargier2,4, F Deby1, G Villain2, S Palma-Lopes2, S Delepine-Lesoille3, J P Balayssac1 and L M Cottineau2
1Université Paul Sabatier III, Toulouse, France

2IFSTTAR, Sites de Nantes et de Bron, France
3National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (Andra) Chatenay-Malabry, France
4CEREMA, Normandie-Centre, France


[0015] Self-powered strain sensor using mechano-luminescence-optoelectronic self-sensing composites

D Ryu and G Macias
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, USA

[0175] Piezoelectric transducer excitation for guided wave propagation on pipeline with flexural wave modes

X Niu1,2, H-P Chen2 and H R Marques1
1TWI Ltd, Cambridge, UK
2University of Greenwich, Kent, UK

[0006] Online updating Gaussian process model for fatigue crack diagnosis and prognosis

H Wang, S Yuan, J Chen, L Qiu and Y Ren
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

[0222] Deep sensing approach to single-sensor bridge weighing in motion

T Kawakatsu1, K Aihara2, A Takasu2 and J Adachi2
1The University of Tokyo, Japan
2National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan

[0291] Smart autonomous sensor network for multi-level damage identification
R Loendersloot
University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands


[0144] Estimating lithium-ion battery state of charge and health with ultrasonic guided waves using an efficient matching pursuit technique

P Ladpli1, C Liu1, F Kopsaftopoulos2 and F-K Chang1
1Stanford University, California, USA
2Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, USA

[0191] Non-destructive determination of uniaxial absolute stress in structural steel members using the ultrasonic shear wave method

D Liu1, Z Li1, J He1, J Teng1 and C He2
1Harbin Institute of Technology
Shenzhen, China
2China Academy of Building Research, Shenzhen, China

[0009] Load adaptive baseline by inverse finite element method for structural damage identification

L Colombo, C Sbarufatti and M Giglio
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

[0314] Composing robust damage-sensitive features with deep neural networks

M Silva1, A Santos1,4, R Santos1, E Figueiredo2,3, C Sales1 and J Costa1
1Universidade Federal do Pará, R Augusto Corrêa, Brazil
2Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisbon, Portugal

3Institute of R&D in Structures and Construction, Porto, Portugal
4Universidade Federal do Sul e Sudeste do Pará, Brazil

[0245] Effective structural health monitoring through the monitoring of pressurised capillaries in additive manufactured materials

M Hinderdael, Z Jardon, D De Baere, and P Guillaume
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium


[0181] Embedded curing and lifetime monitoring of fibre-reinforced epoxy in civil engineering repairs by distributed piezo sensors

O A Bareille1, M Salvia1 and M Zhang2
1University of Lyon, France
2Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

[0192] Axial stress measurement of concrete with non-linear ultrasonic harmonic method

J Zheng, Z Li, J He, J Teng and L Zheng
Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen, China

[0067] Numerical calibration of direct current potential drop measuring: a comparison of FEM and Bayesian filtering-based approaches

T Berg1, S Von Ende2 and R Lammering1
1Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg, Germany
2Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG, Blankenfelde-Mahlow, Germany

This slot is available for a late submission

[0186] Direct-Write piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers for impact damage detection in composite plates

M Philibert1,2, S Chen1, K Yao1, C Soutis2 and M Gresil2
1Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore
2University of Manchester, UK


This slot is available for a late submission
[0202] Structural condition identification for civil infrastructure: an appraisal based on existing literature reviews

Y Wang and M Chryssanthopoulos
University of Surrey, UK

[0065] Numerical structural identification of a cross-laminated timber slab using 3D laser scanning

E Serantoni, M Muster and A Wieser
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

This slot is available for a late submission
[0242] Bordering the footprint of an AE sensor using a bank of sharply-defined frequency domain capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers

P Butaud, G Bourbon, P Le Moal, E Joseph, B Verdin, E Ramasso, V Placet and L Boubakar
FEMTO-ST Institute, Besançon, France


National Football Museum tour including a three-course dinner with wine
(invitation only)

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