SHM person of the year award

10-13 July 2018, Hilton Manchester Deansgate, Manchester, UK 

I. Eligibility
Any individual that works or has worked in government, industrial, or academic sectors from any region of the world region is eligible.

II. Nomination criteria
The Person of the Year should have made an outstanding contribution to the field of structural health monitoring (“SHM”) that will benefit society. This contribution can be in the form of theory, analysis, applications, education, or other ways that advance the broad discipline of SHM and benefit society. The award is meant to recognize accomplishments within the past year or few years.

III. Award Committee
From eligible nominations, the SHM “Person of the Year” will be selected by the Editors and Associate Editors (the Editorial Board) of Structural Health Monitoring: An International Journal (the SHM–POY committee) The SHM–POY committee chair is Prof. Wieslaw Ostachowicz.

IV. Nomination procedure
The nomination window is currently open, and the nomination deadline is May 7, 2018). Anyone may submit a nomination letter for the person of the year. A strawman format for the nomination letter is inserted at the end of this document. The nomination letters should be submitted by email to the SHM–POY committee chair Prof. Wieslaw Ostachowicz ( A log of the nominations will be compiled.

V. Selection procedure
Once letters are received and logged by the committee chair, nomination packages will be distributed to the SHM-POY committee along with a voting document. The SHM-POY committee members will have approximately one month (three weeks of May and the first week of June, 2018) to review the nominations and vote for their top three choices for the person of the year, using the voting document provided. The Editor–in–Chief, Scientific Editor, and Managing Editor will review the nominations and the voting by SHM–POY committee and make the final decision for the award. If there is not a majority (2 of 3 editors) selecting the same person, the Editor–in–Chief will make the final decision for the person of the year.

VI. Award presentation
  1. The SHM–POY award consists of a plaque to be presented at the SHM workshops, alternately held at Stanford University and at different venues in Europe. This year the International SHM Workshop is held in Manchester, UK, from July 10–13, 2018.
  2. There will be a short editorial in the SHM journal about the person selected each year for the award. This editorial will also recognize the person selected for the lifetime achievement award. (The lifetime achievement award is independent of the SHM journal).
VII. Nomination letter format
Page limit (four letter–size pages, 1–inch margins, Times Roman 12 font)

  1. Candidate's biographical information as it relates to SHM
  2. Key Accomplishments in the last 3 years (theory)
  3. Key accomplishments in the last 3 years (analysis)
  4. Key Accomplishments in the last 3 years (applications)
  5. Key Accomplishments in the last 3 years (education)
  6. Key Accomplishments in the last 3 years (other)
  7. Another attribute of the candidate or personal statement to be considered in the selection process
  8. Closing summary of what sets this candidate apart from others in the field
A full CV of the candidate may be also attached at the nominator’s discretion.

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