Plenary and keynote speakers

6-10 September 2021 

Plenary speakers
Dr I Baillie Apprenticeships: the NDT success story 
Dr M Bertovic and
Professor I Virkkunen

NDE 4.0: New roles and challenges for NDE inspection personnel
Professor S Dixon President's Honour Lecture: The flexural ultrasonic transducer – what it is, how it works and where we might use it 
Professor A Gachagan Opening Plenary Paper – Roy Sharpe Prize Lecture: Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers: from design through to application 
D Gilbert
BINDT – enhancing capability and performance, delivering value to stakeholders
Professor K Kirk and
H Close
A show of my own: the Verena Holmes diaries after World War II 
L McKibbins
Preparation of new CIRIA guidance for NDT and condition monitoring (CM) of civil infrastructure
Professor A Peyton Neural inversion techniques for quantitative eddy current NDE 
E Skoglund Anne Birt Prize Lecture: Next generation of digital ultrasonic imaging with the dolphicam2 

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