Misleading the reader

It is all too easy to mislead when we are writing. The example on the left came out of a local parish magazine and seems to offer to destroy OAPs and the unemployed for less than the cost to destroy wasps’ nests and, as an extra, they are fully insured and guarantee the work.

It could even be taken that OAPs and the unemployed are grouped with rodents, insects and other types of pest.

There is no way this is what is being offered and with a little hindsight and the opinion of a second person the advert would probably have been worded differently.

How often do we write a report or similar where we do not end up saying what we mean and mislead the readership?

For those of you who are thinking of seeing if the offer does include OAPs and the unemployed, I am sorry but I am not going to disclose the contact details.

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