Study and research opportunities in condition monitoring


Students interested in pursuing masters, doctoral and post-doctoral studies in condition monitoring are encouraged to contact the following groups, which are active in education and research on various aspects of condition monitoring.

Universities and teaching institutions interested in submitting appropriate links, please contact the Chair of the ISCM Scientific and Technical Committee.

Cranfield University, Centre of Vibro-Acoustics and Fatigue (Cranfield, United Kingdom)

Cranfield University, Through-Life Engineering Services Institute (Cranfield, United Kingdom)

Luleå University of Technology, Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering (Luleå, Sweden)

Southampton Solent University, Maritime and Technology Faculty (Southampton, United Kingdom)

Tsinghua University, Department of Thermal Engineering (Beijing, China)

University of Alberta, Chair for Management for Engineers (Alberta, Canada)

University of Birmingham, Schools of Metallurgy and Materials (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

University of Pretoria, Dynamic Systems Group (Pretoria, South Africa)

University of Oulo, Control Engineering Laboratory (Oulu, Finland)

University of Oulo, Mechatronics and Machine Diagnostics Laboratory (Oulu, Finland)