Insight Vol 64 No 5

May 2022 

Comment, by Dr K J Kirk

NEWSDESK: CGM CIGIEMME: Delivering technological excellence for 
more than 60 years; PFE relies on FLIR Thermal Studio to accelerate 
asset inspections and reporting


Combined application of an optical sensor and a common non-destructive 
instrument for corrosion monitoring in reinforced concrete members,

by S Thapa and R P Sharma

Simulation and experiment of ultrasonic phased array for additive 
manufacturing titanium alloy with columnar crystal structure,

by Wentao Li, Bingguo Zhu, Zhenggan Zhou and Wuyin Jin

A novel identification approach for corrosion and gouging of oil and gas 
pipelines based on low magnetisation level MFL inspection,

by Jinzhong Chen, Xiaowei Kang, Xuewei Zhang, Renyang He, 
Tao Meng and Kai Song

Damage identification of wind turbine blades based on acoustic emission,

by Zihan Wang, Kaidi Xu, Zhichun Luo, Jia Zhang and Yanzhao Bi

A relative torsional vibration monitoring method for intelligent ships and 
associated error analysis,

by Yunsheng An, Chaoming Huang, Zhanhua Wu, Qingtao Li, Jie Li, 
Kexin Sheng, Wenhan Hao and Shuangyin Chen


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