This month's Insight

July 2019 – Vol 61 No 7 

Comment, by Dr W E Gardner

New test-rig components for faster development and validation; Wood appointed to lead key component of UK government nuclear research programme; Royal Academy of Engineering appoints new Head of Engineering Policy

SPECIAL FEATURE: Signal and Data Processing

Large-area surface imaging methods using ultrasonic Rayleigh waves, phased array and full matrix capture for non-destructive testing,
by C Hoyle, M Sutcliffe, P Charlton and S Mosey

Non-destructive measurement of artificial near-surface cracks for railhead inspection,
by R Anandika, C Stenström and J Lundberg

Recognition of broken wire rope based on adaptive parameterless empirical wavelet transform and random forest,
by Juwei Zhang and Jigang Li

Quantitative evaluation of stress concentration in ferromagnetic steels based on residual magnetic field measurements,
by S Bao, P F Jin, Z Y Zhao and M L Fu

New magnetic Barkhausen noise feature extraction for stress detection with slow feature analysis,
by Cheng Hang, Wenbo Liu and Wangcai Chen

Automatic classification of heat-treated bearing rings based on the swept frequency eddy current technique,
by Yi Shi, Mengbao Fan, Binghua Cao and Bo Ye

Stress detection based on electromagnetic fusion and deep belief network optimised by a simulated annealing algorithm,
by Wenjie Yao, Aijun Yin, Bo Shi and Lei Dong


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