Insight Vol 56 No 12

December 2014 


Comment, by Professor A Dunhill

NEWSDESK: CSD’s goal is to become market leader; History uncovered with high-resolution light microscopy


Review of railway track applications of Barkhausen noise and other magnetic testing methods,
by S Santa-aho, A Sorsa, A Nurmikolu and M Vippola

Probability of detection for surface-breaking holes with low-frequency eddy current testing – a non-linear multi-parametric approach,
by D Kanzler, C Müller and J Pitkänen

Research on the relationship between metal magnetic memory signal distortion and yield strain under static tension test,
by Yu Min, Gou Rui-Bin, Zhang Chunyu, Qiao Yinhu, Si Zhiyuan and Xie Zhanshan

A novel above-ground marking approach based on the girth weld impact sound for pipeline defect inspection,
by Yibo Li, Shuangsai Liu, D J Dorantes-Gonzalez, Chunyao Zhou and Huiyu Zhu

Finite element model-based approach for magnetic flux leakage testing of steel plates using 2D tandem GMR array sensors,
by W Sharatchandra Singh, B Purna Chandra Rao, C K Mukhopadhyay and T Jayakumar

Metal magnetic memory-based fluxgate sensor for imaging detection of coiled tubing,
by Zhou Zhaoming, Shi Taihe, Yu Runqiao, Lian Zhanghua and Wan Fu


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