Insight Vol 57 No 12

December 2015 – Vol 57 No 12 

Comment, by Dr I Baillie

NEWSDESK: Accelerators take us ‘back to the future’ to discover new materials; Lloyd’s Register Foundation launches Foresight review of resilience engineering

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SPECIAL FEATURE: Magnetic & Electromagnetic Methods

Experiment on the relationship between the magnetic field variation and tensile stress considering the loading history in U75V rail steel,
by S Bao, S N Hu, L Lin, Y B Gu and M L Fu

Change trends of magnetic flux leakage with increasing magnetic excitation,
by Yanhua Sun, Bo Feng, Zhijian Ye, Shiwe Liu, Donglin Li, Yihua Kang, Min Gu and Changde Liu

Eddy current quality control of soldered current-carrying busbar splices of superconducting magnets,
by L Kogan, A Nichipuruk, F Savary, R Principe, V Datskov, E Rozenfel’d and B Khudjakov

The influence of non-uniform wall thickness on MFL testing for a steel pipe,
by Wu Jianbo, Fang Hui, Wang Jie and Kang Yihua

Different remanence states and their resistance to external effects. Discussing the so-called magnetic memory method,
by E S Gorkunov

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