Insight Vol 57 No 3

March 2015 

Comment, Professor R A Smith

NEWSDESK: New imaging technology to design and build greener and safer aircraft; North Star Imaging Europe expands to the United Kingdom and Ireland; NPL purchases high-performance materials characterisation system; BINDT Membership


Progress in 3D characterisation and modelling of monolithic carbon-fibre composites,
by R A Smith, L J Nelson, N Xie, C Fraij and S R Hallett

On the equivalent flexural rigidity of sandwich composite panels,
by J Gryzagoridis, G Oliver and D Findeis

A 2D Bayesian approach for damage detection in plate-type structures,
by U Baneen and J E Guivant

Automated segmentation of ultrasonic volumetric data of composite materials,
by A Osman, U Hassler, V Kaftandjian and J Hornegger

PAUT inspection of complex-shaped composite materials through six DOFs robotic manipulators,
by C Mineo, S G Pierce, B Wright, I Cooper and P I Nicholson


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