Insight Vol 58 No 1

January 2016 

Comment, by Professor R A Smith

NEWSDESK: New year: new membership structure for BINDT; Condition monitoring of fan units prevents unplanned downtime at thermal paper plant


Institute Awards

STANDARDS: Standards and BINDT

SPECIAL FEATURE: Novel Applications

New aspects concerning the generation of acoustic emissions in spur gears, the influence of operating conditions and gear defects in planetary gearboxes,
by A B Novoa and C M Vicuña

A novel method for detecting weld defects accurately and reliably in radiographic images,
by Changying Dang, Jianmin Gao, Zhao Wang, Yulin Xiao and Yalin Zhao

A novel feature extraction and optimisation method for fault diagnosis by combining WPT with FCM,
by Wenqing Lu, Laibin Zhang, Wei Liang and Xuchao Yu

Orthonormal projection approach for depth-resolvable subsurface analysis in non-stationary thermal wave imaging,
by Sk Subhani, B Suresh and V S Ghali

Rare events – a probability approach or an ill-posed problem?,
by K Osterloh and G-R Jaenisch

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