Insight Vol 58 No 7

July 2016 

Comment, by Dr W E Gardner

Inspection capacity doubled

Innovative technology for continuous fatigue crack condition monitoring of bridges: long-term electrochemical fatigue sensor (LTEFS),
by M Miceli, M A Moshier, L Nelson and R Brinkerhoff
System for monitoring partial discharges occurring in overhead power transmission line insulators based on ultraviolet radiation registration,
by P Frącz

A study of precipitation behaviour of A356 alloy using ultrasonic velocity measurements,
by G V S Murthy, D Patel and K L Sahoo

CT image reconstruction of half-covered projection with fewer iterations based on SB-TVM,
by G V S Murthy, D Patel and K L Sahoo

Defect profile reconstruction from MFL signals based on a specially-designed genetic taboo search algorithm,
by Fangming Li, Jian Feng, Jinhai Liu and Senxiang Lu

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