Insight Vol 64 No 7

July 2022 

Comment, by Dr W E Gardner

NEWSDESK: Coventry University and TWI deliver new innovation centre for structural integrity; Compact 2D/3D laser scanners with integral controllers reinvigorate profile measurements


Research on pipe in-line inspection technology based on the rotating electromagnetic field,
by Feng Yijing, Zhang Laibin, Zheng Wenpei and Liu Haitao

Object recognition using tactile sensing in a robotic gripper,
by V Riffo, C Pieringer, S Flores and C Carrasco

Acoustic emission-based monitoring of fatigue damage in CFRP-CFRP adhesively bonded joints,
by M Carboni and A Bernasconi

Quantitative analysis of the structural health of railway turnouts using the acoustic emission technique,
by M Kongpuang, R Culwick, N Cheputeh, A Marsh, V L Jantara Junior, P Vallely, S Kaewunruen and M Papaelias

Detecting corrugation defects in harbour railway networks using axle-box acceleration data,
by J Heusel, B Baasch, W Riedler, M Roth, S Shankar and J C Groos


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