History of NDT in Australia


History of NDT in Australia
David Barnett
The Australian Institute for NDT
2004. 417 pp. 229 x 155 mm. Soft cover.
0 646 432 958
Non-Destructive Testing is a blend of art and science. Precise observation and measurement aided by the latest scientific techniques are used to determine the presence of flaws in metals and materials which could seriously degrade the performance of critical components made from such materials. Our bridges and buildings, our planes and trains, in fact the successful operation of our modern infrastructure depends upon the training, skill and experience of the NDT practitioner. It could be argued that, without parallel developments in the technology of Non-Destructive Testing, it would not have been possible for advances in science to achieve the level that has been attained today. From submarines which prowl the oceans to space ships which explore beyond our planet, NDT plays a vital role in ensuring mankind’s endeavours meet with fewer failures. This is the history of NDT in Australia and its part in the development of a technically successful nation. The Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing has been serving Australian Industry for over 40 years.

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